A Few Things.

On the first day of our second year, here are some things that may or may not be interesting...

  1. Our sweet and affable Gunnar married his beautiful fiancé Lauren on Saturday afternoon, with almost all of Team PJP in attendance.  So basically, it was the first time in PJP history that we all got to see each other in clothing not branded with a PJP logo or covered in flour.
  2. As with all businesses in a college town, we will have a lot of personnel change in the next month as the semester ends.  Gunnar and Mitch will move on to the next part of their lives far away from PJP Buttonwood.  And I don't care for it a single bit.  Tear.
  3. Speaking of far away from PJP Buttonwood, our Caramel Apple pie travelled the 1,200+ miles to our test recipient in Beaverton, Oregon last week.  The recipient was kind enough to email photos of the box as she unwrapped it and well, it was an epic fail.  EPIC.  FAIL.3
  4. Between you and me, the box industry is on my short list.  I've worked on printed boxes and shipping boxes for the past few weeks and I feel like the cost to have a pie baking alien delivered to PJP in a custom designed spaceship would be cheaper and more feasible than getting the boxes I need.
  5. Now that I consider it, I bet our landlord would charge a fee for spaceship parking in our lot. Ahem.
  6. But that said, we just passed our one-year anniversary of shipping our Jelly Jar pies and not a single shipment in the past 12 months has arrived damaged.  So props to that box.  I wonder if the Ball Canning Company could make us a 9-inch pie jar with a lid...
  7. Last week, we shared this picture of our jarred pies on Facebook, promising to give away a six-pack to a random person who liked and shared the post.  In the end, 32,576 people tried for a chance for these super cute little suckers.  (We picked a winner today and sent her a Facebook message.)IMG_6264
  8. I relayed the count to Jeanne and she is still harping about how 32,576 people saw this picture on Facebook when we don't know 32,576 people.  I would give someone a jarred pie if they could explain it to her in a way that makes sense.
  9. I would also give a jarred pie to someone who could talk to me about printed pie boxes and not use the terms "thousands", "storage", or "printing plate cost" in the conversation.
  10. Or to someone who could convince Gunnar and Mitch to stay forever.