On Your Second Birthday...

Dear PJP, Today is your second birthday.  We marked it by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, primarily because yesterday, you tried us to our very core (who tends to overbook us and then panic when it is stressful?  ME.)  But yesterday reminded us that even though we have come so far in the last 730 days, we still have so much further to go.  You are good for us in this way, PJP...whispering to us that we are continual works in progress and demanding that we push ourselves harder because you know we can AND WE SHOULD.  What sort of women would be if we didn't?

So look, this year was rather epic and we couldn't be more proud of you.  You are definitely more than you were on this day last year and well, so are Jeanne and I.  All three of us are a little wiser, a little stronger, and a little more sure of what we want.  (Someone cue up a Kelly Clarkson song here, please.)  But in all seriousness, being smarter, stronger, and a little more confident over time is no easy feat in the world in which we live.  So, thank you for being the thing that pushes us forward constantly.

We think big things are coming your way this year, PJP.  Seriously.  Our immediate goals are to just not run out of boxes and bags on a regular basis.  But our long-term goals are to think of you and all the things you are capable of if we didn't try to hold you back in every way because of our fear of "what if..."  Because what if we could change the pie-making market?  What if PJP stores could be in other locations?  What if...what if...what if.  That's the thing PJP, you are a girl of infinite possibilities and that is so very charming, indeed.

So here is to the last 730 days.  And the next 365.  Thank you for this adventure that has changed our lives, PJP.  You really are the best.