You Be You.

Believe it or not, we are just 10 days shy of celebrating PJP's second anniversary.  Someone stop me before I cue up Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle and fight back the tears.  (A milestone slays me every darn time.) But here we are, 23 months into unlocking the door at PJP Buttonwood each morning and praying for the wisdom to figure out each day.  I've read that only 66% of new businesses survive the first two years, but I don't need an article to remind me that this entrepreneurial journey is a tenuous game.  TENUOUS, INDEED.

I have no idea what has actually spared us to the 66%, but I suspicion our willingness to dig our feet in and wrap our arms around our 1,050 square feet and hold on for dear life is a big part of it.  (I'm thankful my tendencies toward being super stubborn have finally paid off.)

And obviously, the other big part of it is you.  What in the world would we do without you?  Maybe you stop by and purchase pies on the regular.  Or maybe you live far away and you stop by online each night to see what sort of adventures Jeanne and I have found for ourselves that day.  Maybe you do both.  Maybe you've simply stopped and wished us well.  It all matters.  We really couldn't be us, without you.

So we'll be stubborn.  And you be you.  And together, World Pie Domination.