Now We Know...

If you are curious about how long it takes to unload 60 pounds of corn syrup after offering it for free on Craigslist, the short answer is about 12 minutes.  The longer version of the story is that no less than 29 people emailed me to express interest in the corn syrup, which is basically 28 more than I would have bet on.  Another 14 emailed to say that they didn't need the syrup, but they enjoyed the ad.  Oh, and one person emailed me to ask if the syrup was light syrup or dark syrup.  (Also, another person emailed me to ask if I was interested in meeting singles from Russia.  Because CRAIGSLIST.) And as it turns out, the first person to actually call me around 8 this morning at the store was promised the bucket of syrup.  I told him that I would only relinquish it if he told me what he planned to do with it and the pause was long enough to make me wonder if I didn't actually want to know the answer.  But apparently he is going to make methanol for his tractor and corn syrup somehow works into that equation.  Because I know nothing about methanol OR tractors OR making fuel, I took his word for it.  When he stopped by to pick it up, we were pretty busy and so we didn't fulfill our promise to heave it through the parking lot to his car, but Gunnar provided ample assistance to get it out the door.  (I actually just Googled "how to make methanol" and NOPE.  Also, I hope I don't end up on some watch list based on my search terms.)

Shortly before 10, I noticed a guy walking back and forth in front of the store...which isn't terribly uncommon with the laundromat at the end unit of our complex.  When he finally stopped and leaned against the front door at 10:15 and just waited, Jeanne unlocked the door and asked if he had a pie to pick up.  Nope...just looking for 60 pounds of syrup to make some popcorn balls.  Or actually 60 pounds of syrup worth of popcorn balls.  Sounds legit.

Popcorn ball guy was pretty was light syrup v. dark syrup guy and the few others that responded to my note that the syrup had been claimed.    No word yet from the Russian singles.