Martini Monday

I would be remiss to start tonight's conversation without a nod to our VERY BIG NEWS.  Our sweet little Jelly Jar pies were featured in Parade magazine's "Ultimate Valentine's Gift Guide...For Guys".  Parade is published each Sunday and is an insert in Sunday newspapers across the country.  It is also available online, which is where you'll find the nod to PJP. Just between you and me, we couldn't be more thrilled for a little national exposure - obviously.  It is a bit surreal to flip the photo gallery of the 20 chosen products and see the NordicTrack Elite, the Corkcicle, and oh, our six-pack of Jelly Jars.  And to make this story even sweeter, the person who wrote it - Janene Mascarella - was a delight and shared the jars on her personal Instagram page last Friday afternoon (she contacted us early last week and we shipped her a six-pack last Wednesday so she could see the jars and taste test each pie flavor in the variety box before choosing to include us in her story.)

By the end of today, we received over 20 orders for Jelly Jar shipping this week to locations all over the country...undoubtedly a result of the Parade article.  We can't wait to bake all those jars and ship them all over the place to spread World Pie Domination.

In other news, Jeanne and I had one of those mornings where the only option by mid-day was a martini lunch.  Considering we usually spend time on Mondays planning for our week and talking about our goals anyway, we decided to declare today "Martini Monday Meeting"...


While most of our conversation focused on planning for the sold-out Date Night on Friday night and the influx of orders for Valentine's Day, it didn't escape us that tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.  You know what pairs well with a Hurricane?  Pie.  And well, actually, anything.  Except probably sushi.

So, in honor of a day of reckless abandon, every single pie baked tomorrow at PJP is 25% off. Every single one.  Unless you bring me a Hurricane.  Then your pie is free.

Laissez le bon temps roulez...