Over the past few days, Jeanne and I have shared the PJP brand RELENTLESSLY.  From an appearance on The Tom Bradley Show on Friday, to the Bacon and Bourbon Festival on Saturday, and finally to the Super Wedding Show on Sunday, we wore our PJP t-shirts and discussed #WorldPieDomination with hundreds of people.  We set up elaborate displays, gave out samples, we shared our fancy book of pie pictures, and we talked about PJP to anyone who remotely made eye contact with us.  RELENTLESSLY. I think we can all agree that creating a brand is difficult (unless you are a Kardashian, I guess).  As PJP has grown over the last 18 months, I've felt tremendous pressure to clearly identify the PJP brand and keep it moving in the direction that Jeanne and I have half-strategically planned out in our minds.  (And what we lack in strategy, we make up for in heart - we love what we do.)

And then.  And then if you are able to cohesively develop a brand and create a vision for your brand, you have to share your brand in every way possible.  And that sounds so easy, right?  Maybe so...but actually doing it is harder than you would suspect.

Because here is the yesterday at 9 am, I would have done most anything to lay on the couch and watch Saturday night's episode of House Hunters Renovation on the DVR while drinking coffee.  Our booked schedule on Friday and Saturday had left us tired and surprisingly over ourselves.  We had a legitimate conversation on the phone about just dropping off the tarts at the wedding show and letting our booth partners - the Courtyard Marriott - just hand them out for us with a flyer about our wedding options.  And then we would both stay home and have one day off before the start of another busy week.  So compelling, no?


Except the reality is that we've learned it doesn't really work that way, if you legitimately want to build your brand.  You actually have to go and set up the booth and meet the people and listen to yourself talk about all the cool things we do at PJP.  Over and over and over and over again.  For the third day in a row.

On the way home last night, we agreed that if our busy weekend resulted in just a few new visitors to PJP Buttonwood or new Facebook likes or Instagram followers, then it was all completely worth the energy, the effort, and the 700 samples of Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie.

And maybe even the letting the House Hunters Renovationsit on the DVR one more day.  Maybe.