Pie Is The New Cake.

In 2015, we had dozens of brides and grooms ask PJP to be a part of their wedding celebration in some way.  And whether we did tarts or jars or full-size pies, we absolutely loved that these couples all joined in our mantra...PIE IS THE NEW CAKE.  So when the opportunity arose to participate in several wedding shows this month, we jumped at the chance.  And yesterday found us on our first PJP roadshow of 2016...to the MO Wedding Connection Winter Wedding Gala at the Parkade Plaza.  Say that three times fast. I guess I'll start by saying that I legit hadn't been in the Parkade Plaza in at least 30 years.  But 1984, that place was my jam.  There was a Sunshine Pets on the lower level (and because no one knew anything about puppy mills in 1984, that place was packed with every sort of puppy you could ever want to purchase).  And on the upper level was a B. Dalton bookstore, where I religiously bought every installment of Sweet Valley High.  And then the Columbia Mall opened, ushering in the slow decline of the poor Parkade Plaza.  For years, it sat mostly empty and then someone purchased it and fixed it up, though I never had the occasion to stop by.  So yesterday, I was delightfully surprised to see that the renovated Parkade Plaza is actually darn impressive.  Even without the B. Dalton's.

But weddings.  Look, there are worse ways to spend a cold Sunday afternoon than handing out tarts, making friends, and examining shiny new engagement rings.  This was our first roadshow where we weren't selling any product, so we didn't have concerns about how much to bake or worry about our plan for keeping the booth stocked.  We just decided to take 200 tarts and hand them out to brides and grooms and their families until we ran out.


We even had our favorite person, Gillian Tracey of Gillian Tracey Design, make us a swoon-worthy one-pager that describes our stake in the wedding game.  While attracting people to our tower of tarts was super easy, having attractive and easy-to-read collateral made starting a conversation with the prospective brides and grooms even easier.


All in all, it was a super fun afternoon and a great way to spread World Pie Domination justthatmuch further.