Don't Be Jealous.

Last Friday, we had 600-ish Jelly Jar pies on order for two different events.  I'm happy to report that it all went down with no crying and only the amount of yelling that you have come to expect from us.  PROGRESS, INDEED. And between just you and I, we were feeling pretty smug over the weekend given our increasing ability to handle large events without the wheels completely falling off the PJP wagon...


And then there was TODAY.

Today should have been your basic no-frills sort of Tuesday.  Except we had a large number of orders AND back-to-back hair color appointments for both Jeanne and I.  And I completely get that complaining about leaving our super busy business for a full set of pricey foil highlights is a first world problem, but sometimes the struggle is real.  (Just ask Beyonce).

But the short version of our story today is that Jeanne and I basically traded off the PJP Captain position all day.  I went to get my hair done and came back...she left to get her hair done and came back...I left to pick up kids and came back...she left to pick up her dog from the vet and came back...and you get the picture.  Which is exactly how we found ourselves finally seeing each other for the first time at 5:10 this afternoon.  We were basically like those Olympic relay running teams that pass the baton for the next lap around the track.  Minus the running.  And the baton.  And the dreams of Olympic gold.

(As a complete aside, I finally caved and bought a pair of those Hunter rain boots that everyone seems to be wearing.  So I changed my shoes about 30 times today between all the being out in the rain and then coming back inside PJP Buttonwood to bake.  By the last time I just felt worn out with it all and not much unlike every time Robin Williams had to morph into Mrs. Doubtfire and back again and in the end he just shoves a cake on his face to cover it with frosting rather that do it all again.  But I digress.)

In the interim of all of our switching on and off and changing shoes, we couldn't seem to make any significant forward progress in the pie baking process.  Whatever we baked was just immediately sold off the trays while still hot and almost every measuring cup, whisk, and bowl in PJP Buttonwood was dirty and laying in the sink by late afternoon.

But all that said, we sold so much pie today.  No one seemed to mind in the least that pie was going immediately from the oven to the box or if they had to call a few times before the phone line wasn't busy.

Or if I was wearing one Hunter rain boot and one Nike tennis shoe because I stopped changing to ring up someone's pie purchases.

Don't be jealous of our progress, Beyonce.  Really.