Tomorrow, we have around 600-ish jars on order for various weekend events.  And just to show you how much we've matured, we aren't even freaked out by that number.  Remember not long ago when even a mere 100 jars would cause anxiety?  THOSE DAYS ARE GONE, MY FRIEND.  (And if you are thinking, "hey, what about Jeanne's bursitis?"...just know that she ditched her sling after declaring herself 80% better after a single day on medication.  Nothing could be done to stop her.) While baking this week, we've been thinking a bit about Thanksgiving.  It seems to be the ghost in room that we measure ourselves against constantly.  We are significantly smarter and tougher girls than this time last year, enough so that we know how to ask for help when we need it.  So, to that end, if you've ever wanted to be a part of Team PJP for a few days, we could use some back up support on Tuesday, November 24th and Wednesday, November 25th.  Specifically...

  1. Phone Answering.  Yep, just answer the phone.  It will ring incessantly and it works better if one person can answer it and provide consistent information throughout the day.  Rumor has it that Jeanne has granted an exemption from her "NO SITTING ON STOOLS ALLOWED" rule for the people working the phones.
  2. Ovenmaster.  You'll monitor everything that goes into the oven and everything that comes out of the oven.  During the week, this role usually goes to me and every time some one calls me the ovenmaster, I can only think of Ghostbusters...ghostbusters
  3. Dishwashers.  Blech.  I know it isn't the sexiest of jobs, but trust me when I tell you that this position is so very important.  You just have to spray the dishes down, load them into Eva 2000, dry them when finished, and return them to their rightful places.  And accept our heaps of gratitude.  (For this one, you need to be able to easily lift 50 in all honesty, we will probably beg you to refill our sugar and flour bins.  And take out the trash when it threatens to spill over.)
  4. Pie Distributors.  We haven't quite worked out the details, but we plan to utilize the space next door for pie pickup to alleviate congestion inside PJP Buttonwood.
  5. Bouncers.  I hate to use that word, but I couldn't think of any other.  Maybe door persons?  You'll provide some crowd control and answer some common questions for those waiting in line for pie pickup.

If you are interested, shoot us an email at and let us know what your preferences and schedule looks like.  We will talk scheduling and compensation from there.  At the very minimum, we guarantee you a complete experience unlike anything else you've ever had.