Thank you...

So, I had a lot of things on my mind to post about tonight, including, but not limited to:  the television show Wicked Tuna; a new group of friends from Cape Town, South Africa; the logistics of preparing for Roots and Blues; how we all feel about custom printed logo napkins; staffing needs; payroll; parties; and commercial rent prices.  But then I got the news on Sunday morning that we are MAJOR AWARD WINNERS...and I just needed to talk about it. It is no secret that we have love for Feast Magazine.  We've been featured on a cover of an issue of Feast and also in a segment of Feast TV.  (And while I was working on an unrelated project, I was forced to see if that segment is available on the Internet.  AND IT IS.  We've never actually seen it and I'll tell you why - because it aired on Thanksgiving night and after the hell that was Thanksgiving week, neither of us had the psychological stamina to see our butts from various angles on a television screen.  Ironically enough, rarely does a week pass that a new customer doesn't mention watching the segment and loving it.  We thank the customer profusely for their kind comments and usually leave our feelings about our butts out of it because they don't need to know our insecurities.  But we are all friends here, right?)

I digress.  Ahem.

Several months ago, Feast announced a contest for discover the Top 50 in all different categories.  PJP was nominated in the "Best Pie" category and we were thrilled to be included.  Don't kid yourself that I didn't vote for us everyday.  (Jeanne did not, as she avoids the computer except to watch Netflix and it makes me crazy.)  I also threw out a few Facebook and Twitter appeals for votes, but most of all, I tried to stay zen.  I'm exceptionally competitive and can get a bit carried away on occasion.  I think the phrase "check yo'self before you wreck yo'self" might apply here.

And then, on Sunday morning, I found out we won.  I normally judiciously use an exclamation point, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  And with fierce pie competition across Missouri and Illinois, I could seriously sit here and tell you that it was an honor to merely be nominated and it would be the honest truth.  If we were to give an awkward acceptance speech, know that we would be wearing black evening gowns with three layers of Spanx underneath and we would be THANKING BASICALLY EVERYONE.  You, included.  THANK YOU.

Thank you.

PS...Really, thank you for believing in us.

PPS...And for all your kind Instagram and Facebook comments.