Pies. Not Pants.

It is rare for more than a few days to pass before someone stops into PJP, looks around, and says "Oh!  I thought you sold jeans here!" HMPF.


Never once in the process of choosing our logo or our exterior sign did it occur to either of us that the "pies" written on the rolling pin would be difficult to read from a distance.  That said, I suppose that if you were driving by at 30 miles an hour on Buttonwood Drive and you just happened to glance over, you could possibly mistake us for Peggy's Jeans...and not Peggy Jean's (Pies).  (And as a side note, if we were ever to get in the business of selling jeans, we would name it Peggy's Pants, because we like a good alliteration.)  (And demand the return of the bootcut jean because skinny jeans makes no one feel good about themselves.)

Jeanne brainstormed a great way to decorate our front window AND reinforce the whole "pies" part of the game.  I spent about 37 minutes working on this craft on Monday before waving the white flag and letting her take over.  She quickly finished up and today, and she and Mac set to hanging it up.  Now, even from Buttonwood Drive, you can clearly see that we have pies...not pants.



And if you are of the crafty persuasion, these are pie tins painted with black chalkboard paint.  Then Jeanne outlined the letters in chalk and filled them in with bronze chalkboard paint.  And then she attached them to an antique ladder that we bought a year ago.  And she and Mac hung the ladder up with jute rope.  If Pinterest offered a Triple Crown, I think Jeanne would win based on "chalkboard paint", "antique ladder", and "jute rope" all in the same project...