In The Zone

People,  the new Starbucks opened today.  The district manager stopped by introduce himself and he also brought a few gift cards for Jeanne and I (which we plan to promptly use).  And when he said this Starbucks will open at 5 am, I am fairly certain I heard a chorus of angels sing.  Our days of desperation coffee from McDonald's in the wee hours before sun up are now over. .hallelujah


In other good news,

  • Our 12-inch boxes arrived today, several days ahead of schedule.  Our UPS guy is completely used to us attacking him and hugging him when he carries in a box of boxes.  He wasn't really used to tears, but he is now.
  • Our 9-inch boxes are on target for delivery tomorrow.  Bless you, Amazon, and all the fine people who packed that box full of pie boxes, taped it up, and figured out how to get it from wherever they come from to PJP Buttonwood.  YOU ARE APPRECIATED, INDEED.
  • Our food truck even came a day early.  This means that as we were baking this afternoon, we had plenty of everything.  Mark that down, never happens.  And if you need to borrow a cup - or 273 - of sugar, we are all stocked up.
  • We really didn't mess up anything today.  (Unless it is something that we are yet unaware of...).  Orders were on time, we had pies to sell, we didn't yell at each other (more than the norm) and we saw plenty of our customers and friends.  You might say that we were in the zone today.  And maybe you don't care, but I'll be happy to remind myself of it when we have a day where everything is late, we have no pies to sell, and we yell at each other a lot.  Because it will happen.
  • Several people called today and asked about picking up pie on Saturday and we reminded them that we will be closed for the holiday.  I totally felt guilty about it until I remembered that not setting an alarm for a dark o'thirty wakeup time on a Saturday morning is a beautiful - and rare - opportunity for Team PJP.  So I got over the guilt.

Last year, July 3rd was one of our busiest days.  I don't know what to expect tomorrow, but you better believe that we'll be starting early with gift card Starbucks coffee and a heavy baking schedule.  I'm totally hoping for In The Zone, The Sequel.