Memorial Day.

I realize that likely no one reads blog posts on the very end of their holiday weekend, but I couldn't let today pass without saying this: We like to complain about A LOT - marginal dishwashing systems, overpriced eggs, long days baking and approximately 42,105 other things (give or take a few, depending on the day).  But we do realize that in many countries in the world, women can't even own their own business...much less talk entrepreneurship via an open forum via unmonitored Internet access.  And while we spent 99.9% of the time acting like building a quest to World Pie Domination is just an average thing, we probably don't acknowledge that our right to do so only exists because of the basic freedoms we are afforded in our country.

When I think about all of this tonight, I think of my grandfather (Jeanne's dad), Herschel Phelps, who served in World War II.  And of my uncle, Jeanne's older brother, David Phelps, who served in Vietnam.  And of my cousin, Jeanne's nephew, Brandon Smith, who is currently active duty Navy.  And I think of the things they each did - and continue to do - to preserve the ideals of our nation and how I could never ever be brave enough to serve our country so selflessly (the least of it being because I cry when people yell at me and I don't care to be away from home for extended periods of time).  And I think of how each of their actions eventually led up to this moment where I can write and share whatever I like because our freedom of speech remains, despite battles around the world in every era of our history.

So, I have no cute or clever way to wrap this up, but to really just say to you...whomever or wherever you are...THANK YOU.  Thank you if you gave up part of your life to protect the freedoms I take for granted.  It is all duly noted, even if we don't say it as often as you deserve...