Keep Calm...

Jeanne has been out sick for the past two days, leaving me as the captain of the PJP ship.  Here are a few quick observations before I binge watch House Hunters and not think about pie:

  1. Over the past week, we've had some inordinately busy days and without exception, there has been ZERO freaking out at PJP Buttonwood.  Last Friday found us with a ton of orders for college graduation parties and yet, we had a completely productive and peaceful day with pie to spare.  It's like I don't even know who we are anymore.  (And I'll probably publish this post and tomorrow's super jam-packed day will absolutely bring us to our knees.  There is that possibility too).
  2. The new Columbia Home magazine came out today and on the third page is our completely swoon-worthy new ad.  My absolute favorite part is "JOIN THE MOVEMENT".  I've always wanted to simply join a movement, and now I'm leading one to World Pie Domination.  WIN/WIN.IMG_4011
  3. Each issue of Columbia Home magazine has a feature called "Men We Love"...and I'm happy to announce that Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason got the recognition he has long deserved (and I may be biased, but the picture is ADORABLE)...IMG_4012
  4. Jeanne put me through a lattice boot camp last Saturday.  It was about as fun as it sounds, but this was my first post-graduate creation.  (I think I'll go back for my master's next.)IMG_3999
  5. I'm so excited that Jeanne feels better and will be back at PJP tomorrow.  I was 100% fine without her, but it was 100% not the same.  My nine-year old did change my screensaver on my phone though to rally me through the last two days and I think she is pretty spot-on (as usual):IMG_3996