Thursday Things.

  1. We have A LOT of Easter weekend pie orders.  As in enough that we had a semi-serious conversation about just not going home tomorrow evening and baking through the night into Saturday morning.  If we decide it is necessary, I foresee a 2 am Diet Coke in our future. And a 88% likelihood of crying at some point on Saturday.
  2. The end of the spring semester looms near and clearly, all the journalism students are working on final projects.  We've had quite a few stop by PJP Buttonwood this week for interviews and we are always happy to oblige.  I would just bet 1,000 Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pies that most of the faculty at the journalism school sigh when they see our faces on the television screen for the 1,000th time.
  3. Tomorrow we will be precisely two weeks away from our one-year anniversary.  We have been tossing around some ideas of ways to celebrate in true PJP style.  We haven't made any formal decisions yet...likely because we still have 15 days and we do best in a complete and total panic three days prior to the day.
  4. We did kick around a short list today of people who would make a great special appearance at PJP in honor of our first year...first on my list was Jon Hamm.  In the end, we concluded Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Island might be our only hope.
  5. We do have #pieandbooze V. 3.0 slated for April 30th.  We are working with a Kentucky Derby theme, so we are teaching the finer points of Southern Pecan pie and Dogmaster Distillery will be on hand to teach us to make the perfect Mint Julep.  Tickets for this event always sell out quickly, so don't delay.
  6. Speaking of ticketing, we've started to work with a local company - Every Event Gives.  EEG is a great company that takes a portion of each ticket sold and donates it to charity.  We are selling #pieandbooze tickets with the select portion going directly to the American Cancer Society.  This will be the first event that we don't sell tickets at PJP Buttonwood, but we think it is for a great cause and we love everything EEG stands for.  Find #pieandbooze here:
  7. We had a bit of a playlist showdown today.  In the end, Jeanne swore she was going to put the computer under lock and key in an acrylic box like a office thermostat to keep Mac from queuing up 1990s hip hop.  After she threatened us all, she went straight to the computer for this...IMG_3653
  8. Notice the Neil Diamond option in the lower left corner?  That's the one she likes the most.  It is exactly as you would suspect.
  9. We took a brief springtime break from the Maker's Mark in our Chocolate Bourbon to try something is everything you could hope for.  Think like a Rolo with a kick.  DELICIOUS.FullSizeRender-49
  10. I have "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head now.  Damn it.