Some Things...

  1. A FedEx truck backing into the parking spot immediately outside our front door can only mean one thing...our 6,000 baby tins have arrived at PJP Buttonwood.  I can't wait to run out of one box of tins, start to panic about ordering more, and then remember than I have another 5,000 on hand.  It will be like a gift I've already bought and wrapped for myself.FullSizeRender-43
  2. Speaking of parking spots, several people availed themselves today of our "PJP Reserved Parking Only" spots and they did not visit our store.  This prompted Jeanne to write "PEGGY JEAN'S PIES PARKING ONLY!" notes and place the notes under the windshield wiper.  I was prepared to hide in the bathroom in the event of eventual confrontation, but most offenders just threw the notes on the ground and drove away.  I'm expecting a $44,841 Silent Stan bill for "litter removal" because I like irony and irony likes me.FullSizeRender-46
  3. We made a pie today that is essentially a giant chocolate chip cookie baked into our pie crust.  I can't show you a picture because we demolished it in .47 seconds and there was nothing left except the tiniest of crumbs and a battered 9-inch pie tin.  Once we have a name for it, this miraculous creation is going on the Official Pie List.
  4. Jeanne has been doing some extensive 3rd generation PJP training on the secret art of dough making this week.  Only Jeanne and I know the secret PJP dough recipe...and now a 12 year-old who might tell everything he knows in exchange for a shopping spree at Game Stop.  We all have our price, I suppose.FullSizeRender-45
  5. Our new checks arrived in the mail today.  I love being in charge.FullSizeRender-47