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There are so many items of interest at PJP lately...I just realized that I've neglected some SERIOUS news to share with you... After 11 months of fielding phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages that all asked a singular question, I'm ready to respond:



And look, you may not be may not even know what gluten actually is.  But the reality is that in this world, you likely know someone who restricts their gluten intake...or simply can't eat any gluten at all.  Or at least has a Pinterest board of gluten-free recipes.  And we at Team PJP believe strongly that PIE IS FOR EVERYONE.

We've worked for quite a bit on a gluten-free option.  We are pretty famous for our pie crust...and it turns out that if you don't use regular all-purpose baking white flour in our recipe, the end results are pretty different.  We tried a number of options, including rice flour and a few other substitutes, but nothing felt PJP approved.

We stumbled upon a gluten-free baking mix a month ago or so and decided to give it a whirl.  It was a bit more difficult to work with (for your mental involved the use of wax paper and swear words).  But when we baked some test stripes in the oven, we knew we had done something amazing.  It was DELICIOUS.  We all ate the sample dough straight from the oven and wished we had more, so we knew we were on our way.

We sampled out both a gluten-free Strawberry Rhubarb and a gluten-free American Apple to customers who had asked about gluten-free and both recipients loved it.  And that is all we needed to make it a thing.

A few notes -

  • Gluten-Free will only be available in the 9-inch variety;
  • Until we get a vibe for popularity, we won't stock gluten-free in the store, so be sure to order the day before you would like to pick it up;
  • Obviously, we aren't a dedicated gluten-free if that is something your diet requires, please contact us and discuss your options before ordering.

As far as we've tried, there isn't anything we can't make gluten-free, so commence jumping up and down in joy if you've been waiting for this option.  And can someone please pin this post to their gluten-free board?