A List of Nothing.

  1. Late last week,  our friend Tara - a PJP Inner Circle member and loyal blog reader - stopped by and chatted with us for a bit.  Over the course of the conversation, she suggested I watch An Idiot Abroad on Netflix.  Fast forward 48 hours and Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and I were deep in the throes of a full-on Karl Pilkington binge.  And if you haven't watched this show, please stop everything and go to the Netflix now.  I would even suggest letting your DVR backlog with House Hunters episodes in preference to this show and that really says something about my feelings toward Karl.
  2. Our gas bill was $51.87 more than our last bill.  And I don't even understand because we were closed for a week during the billing cycle.  I'm completely mystified by what caused such an increase and if I were organized, I would call Ameren UE or bring in some sort of energy efficiency expert for some recommendations.  But I'm not, so in lieu of those ideas, I just reminded everyone to bring an extra jacket and to not touch the thermostat.  That is the dark side of entrepreneurship that no one tells you about, FYI.
  3. Today we blended a chocolate cream pie with vanilla ice cream and milk in our Ninja in an attempt to make a pie shake.  I was a fan, but Jeanne not so much.  She felt it was too sweet and plans to try tomorrow with apple pie and vanilla ice cream to see if the fruit balances it all out.  At any rate, a custom blended pie shake during the summer sounds like a worthy goal to occupy our time for the coming weeks.
  4. We received a lot of orders today for Valentine's Day.  We strongly suggest pre-ordering, as we expect a lot of sales that day.  I posted a picture of the White Chocolate Strawberry on Facebook and tomorrow we plan to try it with dark chocolate.  I'll keep you posted.
  5. We are friends, right?  I hope so, because I'll tell you a secret.  I have a SIGNIFICANT birthday this year and it falls on Valentine's Day.  Someone said today that they were surprised we weren't really promoting Valentine's Day yet and the truth is, I can barely think of the day without breaking into hives.  Please order a lot of pie so that I can bake a lot of pie and help a lot of pie-purchasing customers and then perhaps I won't spent 93% of my day crying.giphy-6
  6. I just attempted to add our phone number, 447-PIES, to the No-Call List and I realized that the law doesn't allow business phone numbers to be included on the list.  The truth though is that I don't want 15 phone calls a day from subprime lenders alerting me to our eligibility for "millions in start up cash", nor do I want Google to call incessantly with a recorded message to buy Google ad space.  I don't know who missed the loophole in the No-Call law or which lobbyist was most successful at keeping it residential only, but I'm putting fair consideration into running for office on the single platform that the No-Call list should be for everyone.  Oh, and on the theory that quarterly taxes shouldn't make you want to cry when you write the check.
  7. We hosted our first non-adult PJP birthday party this past Saturday.  Madalyn decided she wanted to hang out with us to celebrate her 11th birthday and we all had the best time.  Also?  There was punch involved and I love punch like I can't even tell you.  LOVE.FullSizeRender-28
  8. I booked an event today that will be a PJP first - we are taking the PJP show on the road to a local company who is hosting a pie tasting for their employees.  We will bake 15 different pies and each person will get to sample all the flavors.  We won't tell what they are and everyone makes their guesses and then we award prizes to the most refined palate...or the best guesser.  And if you are thinking this sounds like our Summer Series Happy Hour, you would be correct.  Except this time we bring the party to the guests and it the best way to team build and/or socialize with co-workers without making it awkward.
  9. Our food broker from Sysco, Audrey, welcomed her first baby last Monday and she stopped by let us hold baby Danielle today.  Suffice it to say that we didn't want to return the baby and when we finally did, she smelled like pie.  And newborn.  And that could be the best combination ever.
  10. I'm trying desperately to think of one more thing, but all I can think about is that I could probably squeeze in one more episode of An Idiot Abroad tonight if I really focused.  So, um...see you tomorrow?