Cheers To February...

A quick review of our Square data this morning confirmed what I already suspected...January ranks at the very bottom in sales since our opening last April.  Here are my thoughts about January:

  1. January lets you walk around all day in your new t-shirt from the Gap and doesn't tell you about the "XL" sticker still on your left boob.
  2. January takes you on a date and smacks while eating dinner.
  3. January parks three inches from your car door so that you have to crawl in through the passenger side.
  4. January comes to your house and clogs the toilet.
  5. January takes hours to text you back.
  6. January eats all the peanuts and M&Ms out of the trail mix and leaves a bag of raisins.
  7. January writes a check for $2.78 in the grocery store express lane.
  8. January overuses emoticons.
  9. January drives slow in the left lane.
  10. January calls you and says "Hey, do you have a few minutes later?  We need to discuss some things."



Cheers to February!