Ten Things.

  1. We turned the heat on today at PJP.  Granted, my Weather Channel app indicated the wind chill was 13 BELOW ZERO...but still, I just wanted to say "I told you so" to all the architects, engineers, and city officials who fretted we might be too hot in PJP Buttonwood without a brand new $38,000 air conditioning system.  Being righteously indignant is completely worth braving enduring sub-zero temperatures.
  2. Our sweet employee Mitch and his exceptionally sweet girlfriend Lindsey gifted us with the most thoughtful of gifts - a framed copy of our Feast magazine cover.  We had them write a message with the date and #WorldPieDomination on the back before we hung it on the wall.  One day when it hangs in the entry of PJP World Headquarters, that will make a great story for the tour guide to share, no?FullSizeRender-19
  3. We had to get our grease trap cleaned yesterday.  If you've ever wondered what is in a restaurant grease trap, just don't.  Is that Dirty Jobs show still on television?  If so, I'm emailing the producers immediately with the tip to check into the "Grease Trap Cleaner" profession as soon as possible.
  4. Speaking of television, did you know there is a spin-off to House Hunters called House Hunters: Tiny Houses?  You had me at hello, HGTV.
  5. Jeanne has been organizing everything this week...to the point where I can't even find the previously unorganized things I'm looking for.  She bought a new shelving unit at Sam's on Monday and it has brought so much joy to her 2015.  SO. MUCH. JOY.
  6. We met with a salesman from a box company today about the possibility of having our boxes pre-printed with our logo.  While it likely won't happen for our baby pie boxes (unless you have a warehouse to store the minimum 25,000 boxes we would need to order that you want to lend us...oh and $12,000 or so to buy the boxes, ahem).  But it may be an option for our 9-inch and 12-inch boxes because of lower quantity requirements.  I'm not sure if I'm most intrigued by feeling fancy with a custom box...or with the giddy anticipation of not having to sticker the boxes with our logo stickers any longer.  I'm going to go with the latter.
  7. We are working with our friends Van and Lisa at Dogmaster Distillery on choosing a date in the near future for a #PieAndBooze...Part 2 event.  Details coming soon...
  8. We booked our first birthday party today.  Ironically, it is for a party of 12 adults and we couldn't be more excited than if it were our birthday as well.  I'm wishing now that I would have included a champagne fountain in one of those party packages...mainly because I've always wanted an event that justified the rental of a champagne fountain.
  9. We are still shamelessly voting for ourselves in the Inside Columbia "Best of Columbia" contest.  Each category will be narrowed down to the top 10 vote-getters on Friday, January 9th and then the contest continues through the end of the month.  I would very much like to hang the plaque for "Best New Restaurant in 2014" inside of PJP Buttonwood.  And if I were to win "Entrepreneur of the Year", I would take a selfie with that plaque and send it to my 10th grade Geometry teacher who said that my lack of math skills would thwart my life goals.
  10. Friday, January 23rd is National Pie Day.  I don't have a clue who creates these events or why they felt a Friday in Polar Vortex January was the day to celebrate pie nation...but whatever.  We are planning something...something amazing.  Put it on your calendar.