It's A Thing...

For more than a few months now, Jeanne and I have been discussing the idea of birthday parties at PJP.  And after a lot of talk, we finally just looked at each other and said, "dude, let's just get on it."  And so now, PJP Birthday Parties in 2015 are A THING. excited-amy-adams-in-cute-dress-reaction-gif

Here is the direct link to all the info: in the meantime, here are the top 10 things you should know when considering a PJP Party:

  1. These are legitimate bake-your-own pie parties.  We will provide you with the dough, but you do the rest (even if you are only turning eight).  We will lead you step-by-step through each part of baking your very own baby pie.  And no worries, we will have plenty of help on hand to make sure even the youngest guest has sufficient guidance to create his or her pie masterpiece.
  2. Each guest takes home a baked baby pie as a party favor.  Some packages offer additional take-home favors, such as aprons and chef hats.
  3. There is no age limitation.  The packages are written with kids in mind, but we envision parties for all ages.  So if you are in the mood to celebrate your 40th birthday this year, invite 11 of your closest friends for a pie-baking party.  Everything stays the same except you can bring your own booze if you are 21 or over.  And we will give you regular size rolling pins to work with...we are nice like that.
  4. You can bring snacks, balloons, grandparents, and ice cream.  We are pretty zen...just no circus animals, as the City of Columbia Health Department frowns upon elephants in food prep areas.
  5. The average party is two hours.  We will only have parties scheduled when PJP Buttonwood is closed, so you'll have full run of the place.  We will even let you operate the dishwasher.
  6. We will handle the ovens because well, the ovens are hot and we all remember when someone sued McDonald's for a billion dollars because of a hot coffee burn.
  7. While the pies bake, the guest of honor can open presents or can decorate aprons and chef hats with guests.  I'm sure Jeanne will come up with something ridiculously fun in terms of apron crafting.  I don't craft...but I do like kids, so there is that.
  8. The guest of honor gets to choose the type of pie we make.  Nice, huh?  Or maybe the mom of the guest of honor should get to decide since being pregnant and giving birth is no picnic. all work it out and let us know.
  9. As a rule, I'm not a theme person.  That said, if your child dreams of nothing more than a pie-baking party featuring the characters from Frozen, then ok...just bring whatever you need to make that happen.
  10. Our maximum capacity for bakers is 12, so the guest of honor and 11 friends.  Non-baking adults are welcome to stay and supervise.  The price per person is for baking guests only.