The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Right this very minute, our 4 ounce Jelly Jar pies are traveling to all reaches of the United States tonight on UPS planes and trucks.  (Apparently, what Brown can do for you is deliver pies by a 5 pm Friday deadline.)  And as we approach the Christmas holiday, our order board is completely dominated by orders for Jelly Jar pies.  Jelly Jar pies to be shipped...Jelly Jar pies to be picked up and delivered...Jelly Jar pies to be eaten with a tiny fork right in the front space of our store. Today when Mitch and Mac walked in our front doors at 8 am, we basically threw aprons at them and shouted:  "WE NEED 180 JELLY JARS ROLLED OUT ASAP!"  Thankfully, neither of them turned right around and walked back out to their car for a quick escape...though, rolling dough for Jelly Jar pies is a tedious task and I wouldn't have blamed them if they did.  Today is actually Mac's 22nd birthday and rolling out dough for 180 Jelly Jar pies is the gift that keeps on giving.  (Much like the Jelly of the Month Club, Clark).  (10 bonus points for you if you caught the reference.)

In short, rolling dough for this product requires that the dough be rolled very thin and then cut into two separate pieces...for around the jar and the bottom of the jar.  And that is basically all I know about it because if it were left up to me, the dough would be 2 inches thick since I don't have a lot of patience for that sort of thing and then Jeanne would just never talk to me again since she requires dough thin enough to read the newspaper through.

I was talking at the counter with a customer and all of a sudden, Jeanne, Mac, and Mitch all wanted to use my phone.  Later, I notice this picture on the camera roll...


Jelly Jar pies in progress.  And even the kindness to document it for the blog.  And Jeanne wore a Santa hat with a tiara on it during the entire process.  Because, well, she has always been partial to a hat.

And right now, those Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Jelly Jars on en route to Seattle, San Diego, Maryland, Wisconsin...and someone is on a plane right now to Abu Dhabi with two six-packs as a gift for her husband.  I know TSA sees interesting things in their security scanning machines, but I bet they have never seen a Jelly Jar pie on x-ray before...I hope they let her keep her 12 little forks...


And finally, congratulations to Janie Smith...the winner of last night's $10 gift certificate.  I'm emailing you now, Janie!

And in a turn of events that I had NOTHING to do with, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason has secured us some fancy pants electronic gift cards...because the irony of us not offering paper receipts but offering paper gift certificates was more than he could tolerate.  And so on the cusp of 2015, look at us...


Tonight's giveaway is a $10 gift CARD from PJP.  You'll be the very first to be movin' on up like George and Weezy with us to the Age of Technology.  Enter here: