Coffee, Wine, and Bill Murray.

We are a two mere weeks from Christmas Eve and frankly, I'm in the throes of an anxiety attack because I'm not anywhere near finished shopping for anyone on my gift list.  In fact, my anxiety attack justified me spending $38 on overnight shipping earlier this evening for Christmas gifts I'll need by this weekend.  And look, this post isn't about pie or gift cards or tarts or jelly jars or snarky mugs or even more snarky tea towels because if you read this blog on the regular, then you already know that PJP has those items five days a week during regular business hours (and ahem, they do make great gifts...if I do say so myself): Here is a list of things that Jeanne and I are crushing on pretty hard these days...perhaps it will inspire you for someone on your list.  In case you know any overly emotional, highly dramatic, and high maintenance people who are hard to buy for...

  1. The best gift you can give is the gift of morning clarity.  And our clarity comes in the form of warm, caffeinated, and addictive beverages.  If you have a similar personality on your list, purchase a gift card so your recipient just needs to swipe the card and wait for the barista to hand over the cup.  And if you are really into providing an experience, head downtown and check out our friends at Shortwave Coffee in Alley A.  Serious coffee there and we have mad love for that.
  2. Rare is the day at PJP that isn't set to a soundtrack.  Each of us have vastly varying tastes in tunes and today, we listened to Pentatonix (Jeanne), The National (Me), and The Dubliners (Mac).  Last week a few of us had a 1990s rap party before we opened and while Jeanne was gone (hint: Jeanne does not appreciate the greatest hits of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock).  We stream our music through a commercial account service, but give the music lover in your life a Spotify gift card.  It makes the tunes commercial-free and, YES PLEASE.
  3. Because we have customers that take the best care of us and treat us more kindly than we ever could deserve, I happened upon a D-TO-THE-LICIOUS bottle of wine this evening.  Two amazing people stopped by yesterday with this for us...FullSizeRender-14That bottle from Adam Puchta on the right?  INSANE.  It's called Adam's Choice and it is a semi-sweet white.  I implore you to run to the Adam Puchta winery in Hermann or call up the Macadoodles and find this wine now.  Don't forget that your gift list should include a gift for yourself.  (The other two bottles are from Arrington Vineyard in Nashville and I'm trying to be nice and wait for Jeanne to share with me during the weekend.  And the tequila?  BIG PLANS.)
  4. I've had this picture pinned to my "MUST HAVE" board on Pinterest for 109 weeks (really).  Vino2_Pink_1__61910.1407342425.1280.1280Each time I see it, I think "huh, I need to buy that cup" and 109 weeks speaks for the truth of that.  I would think a wine glass with a dishwasher safe lid that retails for $12.99 could solve 89% of your gift giving needs (or maybe it is just that 89% of my friends would appreciate a product called a "wine sippy cup").  You can find it The Product Farm and I plan to buy in bulk, so if they are sold out when you get there...sorry...not sorry.
  5. And this makes no sense really, but how can it not make you happy?  Frame it and give to someone who needs to know they are amazing.  It's a fact, Jack.bill-murray-youre-awesome

And if none of these ideas inspire you, then I'm here to help.  Enter to win a $10 gift card to PJP in the second of our 12 Days of Christmas contest.  Win it and give it to someone on your list.  Or win it and eat it yourself and never tell another's cool.

Enter here:

P.S. Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason has confirmed you can enter once each day, so you are in the clear if you entered yesterday.  I'm gonna have to buy him the Bill Murray poster.)

P.P.S.  Laurie Matthews won yesterday's contest for the "Pie Is The New Cake" t-shirt.  Congrats, Laurie...I've emailed you on claiming your major prize.