Labor Day.

Labor Day marked the one year anniversary of the inception of PJP V. 2.0.  A mere 375 days or so ago, I likely would have laughed if you suggested a year later we would be baking and selling pies in a retail location.  I know that sounds sort of ridiculous to you long-term planners, but it is the true and honest story of PJP.  And so now that Labor Day 2014 has come and gone, I feel like we've passed some sort of milestone in the PJP timeline.  The kind of milestone that doesn't come with a Hallmark card or a bouquet of flowers, but the kind of milestone that can't go unobserved either. So, let me set the scene for you of Labor Day 2013.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason, our kids, Jeanne, and I were wasting a Sunday afternoon on our boat at the Lake.  While I can't recall all the specific the details of that afternoon, I can bet you that rafts for the kids and vodka-based cocktails for the adults were involved.  At some point in the fun, our now Vice-President of Box Assembly said to Jeanne:  "Mawmaw, I think you should do your pies again.  You should get a food truck."  And Jeanne, because she indulges all pieces of advice from 10-year-olds, agreed that wasn't a bad idea at all.  And Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and I completely ignored them both.

Except when we got home, they both immediately begin to research food trucks on eBay and Craigslist.  Everything seemed too expensive or too junky or too something and it didn't really matter because they were basically just laughing at their finds.  And then none of us discussed it for a week or so until Jeanne casually mentioned to me on the phone that if we were going to bake pies, we would need a commercial kitchen because food truck kitchens are too small for baking.  Did I want to go look at possible retail location?  And because I'm always up for a good time, I said ok.  And 360-ish days later, I write this for you while our 1,050 square feet of retail location hums away quietly in the night, waiting for us to begin baking early in the morning.  So if you are looking for the part about writing business plans, researching trends in bakery sales, and spending days shopping for the best deal on commercial insurance, won't find that story in this blog.  But if you are curious about whether you can turn your entire life upside in the most challenging, surprising and wonderful ways within the span of a year, then our story is the one you've been waiting to read.