Team PJP Expands...

We are thrilled to announce that Team PJP has expanded by three over the course of the past week and we couldn't be more excited about it.  Here might be where the average business owner rants about the difficulty of finding great people to work with, but we've found that this is one area that we don't struggle with...we sorta think everyone we invite to Team PJP is basically amazing. I posted a picture to Facebook earlier today and thus confirmed the rumors that we've welcomed a male to PJP.  Meet Mitch...



Mitch is a student at Mizzou and is studying International Business.  He is also in the National Guard and missed a semester of school because he was in Basic Training, which already makes him 100% more brave and admirable than I could ever hope to be.  He has already proven himself completely immune to all of our incessant chatter about nothing at all.  On his first day at PJP, we were having a complete breakdown about how to hot glue ribbons to jelly jars and he was UNFAZED.  He just measured and cut ribbon and told us at various intervals that the jars were looking nice, pretty much sealing the deal as our favorite first male employee ever.

Our second new employee is Sydney.  Here is a fun fact about Sydney...she was the first newborn baby I'd ever held.  And now she is a freshman at Mizzou.  And just typing that makes me feel one billion years old.  She is studying nursing and is in the Marching Mizzou Color Guard and is pretty much your basic delight to hang out with.  And because she is one week into her freshman year, we are pretty much staking claim in her for the next four years.  And then however long nursing school is.  And then maybe we can convince her to stay and work part-time when she is a nurse.  I think what I'm trying to say is she is a great addition to Team PJP and we want to keep her forever.

And finally, we've welcomed Ashrah to our Saturday morning PJP experience!  Ashrah is a student at Hickman High School.  She is only available on Saturdays and if you have stopped by PJP Buttonwood on a Saturday to find either Jeanne or I there alone, you know that having consistent Saturday help can only mean good things.  Ashrah came highly recommended and when we met her for the first time, we knew within .04 seconds that we liked her.  We are already convincing her to go to Mizzou so that we can have her locked in to us for the next six to eight years.

So that is the scoop on the new faces of PJP.  Plan to stop by and meet them all soon!