Note To Self.

Jeanne is taking the next few days away from PJP Buttonwood.  And lest you think she will be kicking it back on a beach somewhere with an endless stream of rum-based cocktails, she will actually be working on a major PJP project.  We've had a concept of how we want the front of PJP Buttonwood to look for some time now...and it doesn't involve the current setup.  We have a vision...and that vision includes wood and power tools.  Since Jeanne is the one in this show that knows how to use a saw without breaking into a terror sweat, she was the natural choice to make our vision a reality. So, this means that for the next week, Jeanne will be measuring and cutting and sawing.  And I'll be handling all things PJP Buttonwood.  And for whatever reason or another, I've spent most of my day in an endless panic about it all.  And I don't really know why.

In a "regular" week, we tend to split our time in the store so that the time we are both actually in the space together is fairly limited.  In order to maximize how much gets done, we have a routine that basically alters us in and out of the space.  But there is something about knowing she won't be there at all this week that makes me feel all off.  Here is what I'll miss:

  1. Jeanne likes to get up early and bake.  I like to stay up late and blog.  I think I'll be burning the candle at both ends this week.
  2. We always have our coffee and chat about our plans for the day.  I guess now I'll just ask myself what my plans are.  Self:  Should we make gooseberry today?
  3. She always knows exactly how much fruit to get out for the baking schedule.  I'll be taking a wild guess.  If you see on Facebook that we quickly need to sell 10 blueberry pies, you'll know I misjudged.
  4. If something interesting happens, she won't be there to discuss it.  Sigh.
  5. If nothing interesting happens, she won't be there to discuss it.  Sigh.
  6. No one will be there to help fill the sugar and flour bins from the 50 pound bags.  I predict cursing.  And sweeping after the cursing.
  7. Someone has to scrub the sinks and only one of us likes to do it.  The one that likes it is the one that will be gone.  Figures.
  8. It is difficult to be marginally co-dependent when the one you are marginally co-dependent with isn't there.  True story.
  9. When UPS delivers our new bags we ordered, she won't be there to get ridiculously excited with me about the look, feel, and design of the bag.  It is hard to find someone else with strong opinions about paper products.
  10. I'll be the designated "stick my hand in the weird dishwasher thing for random measuring spoons" person.  And I really hate that job


And so while I'm usually one that wants time to slow down, this week I find myself hoping the next five PJP business days fly by in a flurry of busy pie-baking and pie-selling.  And sawing and hammering.  And then next week, everything goes back to normal so she is there is case something - or nothing - interesting happens.  Sigh.