Stack Pie

If you have stopped by PJP Buttonwood in the last few weeks, you might have been lucky enough to try a sample of our new chess pies that we have been working on making part of the PJP family.  A chess pie is an old - and traditionally southern - pie recipe built on simple ingredients of eggs, butter, and sugar.  The very cool thing about a chess pie is that it can be tweaked to add all sorts of different flavors and so we have really focused on creating three variations on the classic...a Buttermilk Chess, a Chocolate Chess, and a Brown Butter Chess. The response to the new chess pies has been overwhelmingly positive...because really, when you make something entirely out butter, sugar, eggs (and buttermilk or cocoa), well there isn't much to not like.  And in an increasingly complex culinary world, simple flavors of a 100-year-old recipe are often a welcome comfort.  Without question, the chess pies are going into regular PJP rotation...with hopes to also develop a lemon chess and a pumpkin chess.

So all that said, Jeanne has been fairly obsessed (and when I say "fairly", I mean "making me a little crazy") with her notion of a stack pie.  A stack pie is historically three chess pies stacked upon each other and held together with a caramel glaze.  And honestly, for all Jeanne talked about it, I couldn't envision it in my head at all.  Well, today, she and Bailey put Jeanne's master plan into action and all of Jeanne's hopes and dreams finally became a reality.  And this is the part where I might mock all of her focus on this singular project except OOHHHEEEMMMMGEEEE, A STACK PIE IS A DELICIOUS PIE.


And if that visual wasn't enough for you, take a quick peak at a cut into the stack pie...




In this particular example created today, Jeanne and Bailey worked with the Buttermilk Chess on the bottom layer, the Chocolate Chess in the middle, and the Brown Butter Chess on the top.  Drizzled on the top and between each layer is the homemade caramel sauce.  And look, I know that I am a biased pie fan, but I am telling you that this could one of the best things to ever come out of the PJP Buttonwood kitchen.  And you know how we claim that pie is the new cake? Well, now we've proved that to be true because a stack pie gives your average cake something to worry about.

We see our stack pies at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and all sorts of celebratory events.  Because chess pies can be made in a lot of flavors and the combinations in a two, three, or four stack pie are without limit, Jeanne's mind is working overtime with possibilities.  My favorite potential on the list now is a Neapolitan Stack Pie (buttermilk, strawberry, and chocolate with a chocolate glaze).  YES, PLEASE.

Now down to the fine print...a stack pie is created using our nine-inch pie tins, but will serve 10 to 12 people because of the richness; order the afternoon before just like any of our other pies; flavor combination is completely up to you...just give us a shout and tell us what is on your mind and we will help you build the perfect stack.