Only In America.

For the first time in PJP history, today didn't find me at PJP Buttonwood.  Rather, I spent the vast majority of my day delivering 39 apple pies to locations across the city.  A local company decided to gift their clients with a fresh apple pie in honor of the Independence holiday weekend and surprising people on their doorstep with a piping hot apple pie was more fun that you would expect.  (I always sort of mocked Ed McMahon and his ginormous Publisher's Clearinghouse checks, but now I think Ed had the best job ever.  Also, I still want one of those checks and I'm a little sad my kids will never know the beauty of gluing those odd little stamps to those sheets that Publisher's Clearinghouse sent you in the mail.  Does Publisher's Clearinghouse even exist any longer...or is it just an app now?)  Anyway, I digress.  A few observations about delivering 39 pies.

  1. Columbia has become a huge town.  10 years ago, I could have looked at the list of addresses and had a good idea of where each was located.  Now I was afraid to make a single turn without Siri's blessing.
  2. Plotting out my route would have been a good idea.  I think the aerial view of my day looks a little like this...scribbles
  3. 84% of roads in Columbia are under some sort of construction.  Can we find another time to fix potholes besides 2pm on Wednesdays?  Thanks in advance.
  4. When you arrive on someone's doorstep with a pie, 50% will be really excited.  The other 50% will think you are trying to sell it to them.  I hereby promise that PJP will never have a door-to-door division.
  5. I'm going to run for mayor of Columbia solely on the platform that the traffic on Nifong at 5pm is completely ridiculous and must be addressed.  If you can read and reply to blog comments on your phone while waiting for your turn at the four-way stop, a stoplight would be 100% more efficient.  I'm going to put that on a Post-It note when I send in the check to pay our electric bill.

All joking aside, we were so very happy to bring so much joy to people today.  And we were thrilled to work with Richard Blankenship and his entire team at Wells Fargo Financial Advisors.  You couldn't ask for an office of nicer people.  (Curious about gifting fresh pie to your clients?  Email me.)

So Jeanne and Julia and Bailey and Britney held down the fort at PJP Buttonwood today.  And while I don't have all the details on how the day went down, I noticed the order board for tomorrow grew exponentially and Jeanne fell asleep on my living room couch by 8:05 pm.  And while that all sounds odd, it actually points to a busy and productive pie-making day at PJP Buttonwood.

Just a brief reminder that we will be closed on Friday, July 4th and Saturday, July 5th.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to pick up any pies you need for celebrations over the weekend.  And as if celebrating our country's independence wasn't enough, we are both especially cognizant that we are two women building a business together in a free nation...a right we take for granted while women around the world can only dream of such an opportunity.  Happy Independence Day, America.