A Story About A Yeti...

So, earlier this week, this happened... photo-70

And it really isn't every day that you get to take your picture with a yeti, so when the opportunity presents itself...you should really just go for it.

On Thursday afternoon, local company Fast Yeti (https://www.fastyetitees.com) celebrated their grand opening.  Because their postcard invite promised the one thing that will always guarantee our attendance - free wine samples - and because Julia was available to be the captain of the PJP ship, we were really excited check out the trifecta of yeti(s?), t-shirts, and free booze.  AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

For starters, the Fast Yeti commercial space is beautiful and staffed by friendly t-shirt sporting 20-somethings.  Secondly, Fast Yeti is a local company and we are big fans of that...obviously.  Thirdly, when our arms were laden down with free t-shirts, glasses of wine, cups of Logboat Brewing Company beer, and embroidered hats, we said to a passer-by, "We need a shirt expert!", owner Reid Lyle came directly to our rescue.

We feel the time has come for a PJP t-shirt.  And not a sub-par, shapeless, poor quality cotton over-designed and clingy t-shirt.  A good t-shirt.  A hip and slimming t-shirt.  A t-shirt that captures the PJP design and attitude.  And because Reid hadn't really heard of PJP and knew nothing of our design and attitude, he seemed genuinely excited to help.

By the next day, he had read the entire blog and probably though to himself "I CANNOT MAKE A T-SHIRT FOR THESE WOMEN."  Nonetheless, he sent a charming email and attached all sorts of design ideas that we love.  So on the horizon, I see shirts for Jeanne and I and shirts for our employees (yes, employees...as in more than just one...more on that later this week).  And t-shirts for PJP fans.  With Reid's help, we have plans for PJP logo t-shirts and then my favorite, several options for PJP shirts with snarky sayings on the back.

Do we think that when Reid delivers our shirts, he could also bring his yeti along?  Have yeti, will travel.