Introducing Jelly Jar Pies!

By now, you likely know the standard for pies at PJP is the 5 inch baby, the 9 inch, and the 12 inch.  And while we love all three and make all three every single day, we couldn't help but wonder if there was a way to up the "OMG - THAT IS SO CUTE!" factor a bit.  (I totally blame this "OMG - THAT IS SO CUTE!" trend on Pinterest.  Do you ever recall anyone saying that pre-Pinterest days?) And so never ones to shrink to a hypothetical challenge, we introduce you to the Jelly Jar Pie.  Contained in a four ounce jelly jar, this pie is perfect for the few bites...for the "just have to have a bite of something"...for the "I'll have a bite and you have a bite" sort of dessert...



These pies - available in all of our flavors - are actually baked in a four ounce canning jar.  (On a side note, as we baked the first round we were completely prepared to duck and cover because we didn't know if the jars would shatter in the oven.  Turns out, jelly jars are made of tempered glass.  Whew.)

And really, who cares what the glass is made of because they are RIDICULOUSLY CUTE.  Each one holds the signature PJP crust and our filling mixture - making it smaller doesn't mean that we are skimping on any part of the pie-baking just means we are making it cuter.

How does it work?  Just like a baby pie.  We bake each in the jelly jar in the oven, except when cooled...these jelly jar pies aren't boxed, they are sealed with their lid into the jar.  Consider it a step between a tart and a baby pie.

We plan to retail each Jelly Jar Pie for $3 each or six for $15.  When creating a six pack, our goal is that you can mix and match the pies...much as you would a craft beer six pack at Hyvee.    Here are the pros and cons of the Jelly Jar Pies:


  • They come with an even cuter little fork;
  • Available in all PJP pie varieties;
  • Great for a crowd...a selection allows a group to sample a lot of flavors;
  • Transports easily because in glass jars with lids;
  • Excellent small gifts for any event;
  • Lend themselves well to outdoor events such as hiking, picnics, and more


  • Huh.
  • Well?
  • Maybe that they are only a few bites?
  • Tiny forks make you eat slower.  True story.

We plan to provide the Jelly Jar pies on a consistent basis in PJP Buttonwood.  Be sure to stop by and take home THE CUTEST LITTLE (super) pies ever .