Fold. Then Tab.

PJP Buttonwood has officially existed for one week.  While that might not sound noteworthy, I take my milestones where I can find them.  For the months it took to finally open our space, each day in our space is celebration worthy.  Even if that day starts at 4 am.  (On a side note, never start your day with this beverage unless you are interested in contemplating whether you need an EKG or are okay with your tongue being inexplicably numb for two hours after finishing it): photo-51

Because my physical exhaustion has left me a bit emotionally unhinged and a little weepy and overly effusive, we are compelled to say "thank you" to everyone who in some way impacted this first week of business for us.  Whether you stopped by the shop, interacted with us on Facebook or Twitter, read the blog, passed on news of our opening to someone, or simply thought "I hope those girls are doing well over there on Buttonwood"...


So for those of you not into details, I'll just say WE SOLD A LOT OF PIE.  For those of you into details, here is the breakdown by type and flavor:

Top Flavors Sold:

  • Chocolate Bourbon Pecan
  • French Silk
  • Cherry
  • Coconut Cream
  • Southern Pecan

Top Types Sold:

  • Baby German Chocolate
  • Baby French Silk
  • 9 inch Chocolate Bourbon Pecan
  • Baby Coconut Cream
  • Baby Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

While I'm not generally one for analytics, I was surprised and interested in the data about the baby pies.  For you long-time PJP fans, you'll remember that the baby pie was created by Jeanne at PJP v. 1.0.  When we started thinking about and planning for 2.0, she held fast to the notion that she wouldn't entertain the idea of baby pies.  They are labor intensive little suckers, for sure.  If you aren't familiar, I would like to introduce you Baby French Silk.


That said, they are also ridiculously cute.  And ridiculously popular.  Having your own five inches of pie is a compelling thing...just enough to be satiated, but not too much (thus avoiding binging...or sharing).  Baby pies are also a great little "hey, I was thinking about you in a noncommittal $7 sort of way" gift.  Or if you are super skinny and into fitness, I guess you could share it with some sort of other super skinny fitness person.  Or you could pace yourself and eat half of your baby pie today and keep the rest for tomorrow.  I'm not familiar with either concept, so let me know if that works well.

Whatever the reason for the popularity, we are immensely thankful.  Because we sold so many this week, we actually ran out of baby boxes.  Finding the right box for our sweet babies has been an ordeal.  The first batch we ordered showed up on the doorstep 100% unassembled.  Because I don't support things that require multiple steps and "Insert Tab A into Tab B and then fold over to Tab C" sort of activities, I returned to the Internet and was relentless until I discovered a six inch window pie box that didn't require a minor in architecture to put together. And when those arrived, we all oohh and awwwwed at the cute factor (and the whole "not putting it together" thing).  They were pretty fabulous.  And lasted about 6 PJP Buttonwood days.

So I basically spent the better part of the afternoon cursing those original unassembled boxes wile fending off paper cuts and anxiety.  If you stop by tomorrow, please don't judge us on the sketchy boxes or my inability to figure out how to fold one in under a minute.  It is a good thing we close at 1.  I plan to sit on my front doorstep for the remainder of the afternoon and look for the UPS person to bring me some awe-worthy boxes.