Please, No Whistling...

I'm just going to come right out and make a bold this will-live-on-the-Internet-forever statement: I do not care to get up at 4 am to bake.

I actually prefer my night to be ending at 4 am, rather than my day starting.  This is the complete opposite of Jeanne, who loves the early morning.  When she arrives at PJP Buttonwood under the glimmer of the moonlight, she starts to roll pie dough and proclaim she feels the best EVER.  What?  I feel like my eyelids are stuck together and I am forced to drink black coffee as some sort of wicked anti-venom to sleepiness.  In retribution to her cheery mood, I demand we listen to Justin Timberlake and Pink so I can't fall asleep while mixing fillings and listening to her preferred tunes (which always has one requisite tune on the album that is SOLELY whistling...I don't understand).  While I normally eschew the cute for the snarky, this image is pretty spot on to how I feel right now...


I will admit that Jeanne is correct when insisting on our early arrival for the last two days . By 10 am, Lucky's pies had been delivered and PJP Buttonwood had a solid base of pies for purchase to open the doors.  (This doesn't mean I like doing it...I'm just begrudgingly saying she was sorta right about starting early.)

While we were baking away yesterday morning, Precision Electric arrived with something that we have been waiting on FOREVER.  You might remember that a few months ago, I shared a picture on the blog of a light fixture that we loved.


Not only did it take a fair amount of Googling to find the source of this picture (we originally saw it on Pinterest), we discovered that it was for sale for $1800...far outside of our budget for one light fixture.  Never daunted, Jeanne proclaimed she would just build it herself.  She doesn't think twice about baking a ton of pies and then being all "oh, well, I just went home and built a light fixture from plumbing parts before I went to bed."  It is an admirable quality.

She finished out the fixture, but wasn't sure how to wire it.  Enter our friends at Precision Electric.  Todd and Andy and Stacy were kind enough to completely wire Jeanne's creation in a way that made it work AND comply to all the various electrical rules and regulations.  We've been waiting for quite some time to see it hung and yesterday, it finally happened.



And a close up...



It really changes the entire vibe of the space for us.  It provides a lot of warm lighting and it is sorta the seal on our Industrial Chic design.  I couldn't love it more if we had paid $1800 for it (plus who-knows-how-much for shipping and handling).  I keep looking at it and still can't believe she BUILT that.  I think that if you've ever wondered who drives the creative bus on this show, your questions have now been answered.