Inquiring Minds...

I've had a few inquiring minds email about the fate of the German Chocolate pie that went to NYC last week on two-day FedEx delivery to Charlotte, the PJP Director of PR & Something-Else-I--Can't-Remember. Let me start the story by telling you that when I was at the FedEx drop off place and was talking to the FedEx guy, he was "Oh, you have a pie in here?  That's cool!" and then proceeded to turn the box completely upside down to tape the bottom of the box (even though it was already taped).  And before you ask what I said to him while he inverted a freshly baked pie in the name of reinforced packing tape, I'll tell you - I said NOTHING.  I was actually stunned speechless and that rarely ever happens.

I'm pretty certain the pie inversion was the most benign thing that happened to our package en route via truck and plane to the second floor of a walk-up Manhattan apartment building.  I would guess the process ended like this...

Suffice it to say, prettier pies have arrived on doorsteps.  So we are back to the drawing table on the shipping options.  We are pretty certain that the box inside the shipping container needs to be smaller.  And perhaps have an insert that stabilizes the pie.  We will keep you posted.  (Get it?  Posted? Pies in the mail?  No?  I probably shouldn't write this blog late at night).

In other news, I tackled the to-do list in earnest today and here is how it looks as of 10:19 pm tonight:

  • Internet Access
  • Cash Register
  • Hours and Days Open
  • Sign for the door
  • Paint.  Sigh.
  • Install FRP board
  • Stock and stage retail area
  • Baby pie boxes
  • PJP iPad
  • Liquor License

I have scoured the Internet and potentially located 5 inch and 12 inch pie boxes that don't require assembly.  They weren't cheap but they also don't require a degree in origami to assemble them, so we all win.  Now all that is left is for them to get here and actually be the right size and we will totally be good to go (nothing like some last minute pressure).

You'll notice that the "Paint" bullet is partially marked off.  I think I'm on the lead of someone and we plan to meet tomorrow.  I told him not to even bothering scoping out the space if he couldn't do it under a certain dollar amount and get it done this week.  He didn't laugh or hang up on me, so I'm encouraged (plus, he comes recommended from a PJP Inner Circle member).  He should be able to say yes or no by tomorrow afternoon.  Let us all will him to say yes and then actually do it as promised.  I reserve crossing of the "sigh" until he is confirmed.

You'll also notice that the "cash register" and "iPad" are both marked off.  That is a post for tomorrow, but let's just say that Christmas came early for Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason as he opened those Square Reader boxes tonight.  And that PJP has an iPad now.  And if you ever wonder if one of us is playing Candy Crush on it instead of making a fancy report of some sort, you are probably dead-on correct with the Candy Crush theory...