So, yesterday, we brought our very first item into the new PJP.  Oh how I wish I could tell you it was something fabulous and interesting and space defining, but... photo-9


Say hello to our new (to us) three vat commercial sink.  Not terribly interesting or compelling, but completely necessary.  Jeanne and her husband took the lead on this purchase, as her limited commercial sink knowledge is double that of my zero commercial sink knowledge.  She found it at a restaurant supply store in Camdenton and bought it for $500.  (We still have to buy the faucets for it and pay $1 trillion to a plumber to hook it all up.)  A similar sink brand spanking new runs about $1800.  Would we have preferred a new sink?  Probably, just because we like things that are shiny and pretty...but definitely not worth an extra $1200.  We think once we get it all cleaned up with some new pretty faucets, it will be as nice as a commercial sink can be.

When Jeanne stopped by to have the sink loaded into their truck, she also spied a hand washing sink for $20 and pretty much threw herself across it until the sales guy could put a "SOLD" sticker on it.  City health codes require a separate hand washing sink from the bathroom or the three vat sink and so mark that sucker off our list...



We also bought a hot water heater yesterday.  We purchased it new from Lowe's for $288.  (Can I just say quickly that you would think a space you rent would come with a hot water heater, right?  It never occurred to me that we would have to bring our own.  I'm wasn't even aware BYOWH - Bring Your Own Water Heater - was a thing.  I pretty much plan to carve our initials in it when the plumber takes it out of the box).

So yesterday was some real progress, albeit completely boring progress.  I'll will admit that after we carried in that huge commercial sink and centered it on the wall, I had some panic.    For whatever reason, a used sink made the whole PJP V. 2.0 exceptionally real, exceptionally fast.  I texted that picture of Jeanne and her husband and the sink to a few of my Inner Circle peeps and included the message..."UMMM...I AM FREAKING OUT."  The gist of the responses was "???? You've been waiting for this."

Truth.  So, why did I feel like this?



I just keep thinking that I'm a 50% owner of a commercial sink.  That wasn't even on my bucket list and now...

We bought something AWESOME today and it is 100% more entertaining than used sinks.  The blog post tomorrow will cover this new purchase, Kathy Bates, and the Baldwin Brothers.  I hope you can sleep tonight just waiting for how that is all going to fit together for tomorrow's blog...