Roses Are Red...

My almost favorite holiday of the year is only 13 short days away...Valentine's Day.  I'm a sucker for a day devoted to love.  And chocolate.  And wine.  And sweet sentiments written by a Hallmark author probably eight months ago in an office in Kansas City. If you are iced in your house today like we are, then maybe you've scrolled around on the Interwebs for a little something to tell your person how much you love them.  I just did a little searching on Proflowers and one dozen long stemmed roses in a vase with Valentine's Day delivery totals $62.97.  I hereby proclaim to Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru-Jason that I am completely in favor of NOT receiving $62.97 worth of marginally alive roses on the 14th.  Surprise me with a sweet bouquet on a "regular" day of the year for $15 from Hyvee.

So here is our suggestion:


For approximately $20, have this adorable box delivered to the people you love and the people you like on Valentine's Day.  Inside, you'll find an adorable 5 inch baby pie nestled in red shred paper.  On that card, we will write your personal note to the recipient.

The options are limitless...send a pie to your life's true love.  Send pies to your kids in college to let you know you miss them.  Send pies to business colleagues to show your appreciation for all the sweet work you've done together over the past year.  Send pies to your closest friends for making your life richer.

And, if you think about it, you can send THREE pie gifts for every ONE long stemmed rose purchased from Proflowers.  And shouldn't Valentine's Day be about making everyone feel a little love?

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