Blog Official

It is time to make it blog official and announce that PJP is officially IN LOVE.  We are smitten kittens and can no longer keep it a secret, so let's get it all out in the open.  The object of our affection? gate


Let us all swoon.

This gate is the face of our Industrial Chic design.  We want to buy it and bring it home and it can be the Shirley to our Laverne.  The Rhoda to our Mary.  The Kramer to our Seinfeld.  I want to gaze lovingly at it and whisper "Goodnight you prince of Maine, you King of New England" before I go to bed.

Yeah, we are kinda weird.

Here is the thing though...our front counter is about 22 feet back from the front door.  It won't extend the entire width of the shop because we have to have an exit path.  We didn't want to leave it open because we worried that people would inadvertently wander back into the baking area.  While we love you very much, the county health department has RULES about that sort of thing.

We kept thinking about what should go in that space and bounced around a lot of ideas...wood or metal gate or an actual door?  Could a modified cattle gate work?  One wayward party involved early-on even suggested "saloon doors" (and yeah, that person was booted from the project post-haste).

We looked at a lot of different concepts and nothing felt quite right.  It was either too modern, too ornate, too kitschy, located eight states away, or cost as much as a home for the average family.  And we were getting frustrated because we felt like our vision for the space couldn't really get itself together without that element tying the retail and baking areas of the space together.

And then like a long-lost love that had always waited for us, we stumbled upon our beloved gate after a desperate Google search.  It is located in Missouri (no deets on where until that sucker is safely with us) AND it is listed at $475.  Pricey, but well under the vast majority of other options we have considered.  And it is architectural salvage, which means it comes with a history and a story...something we like very much.

I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said "never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."  This gate is extraordinary and we shall love it so.