Pies. And Sushi.

Our pies are for sell right now at Lucky's Market in Columbia.  The whole idea of that seems sorta odd...I'm trying to contain my neuroses and not drive there and stalk out our display while wearing sunglasses and a wig.  I wonder if anyone at Lucky's would think I were weird if I called and asked them if they had any Peggy Jean's Pies in stock currently and if so, how many and what varieties?  (And then called again in an hour and asked the very same thing). We delivered 40 whole pies and 9 baby pies this afternoon. I don't have to tell you that if we had the pies to deliver, that means that we just spent a significant amount of time baking those suckers over the past 24 hours.  And after having cycled through this process at Thanksgiving and Christmas, you would think that I would be prepared for the amount of work it takes to bake that many pies.

Not so much.

I have no idea how I so quickly forget that planning for, baking, boxing, and cleaning up after 40 pies is a process.  Today made us ever more anxious for our new space because baking in a rented space with one oven is challenging at the very least.  We are equal parts anxious that no one will come and buy our pies, or in the alternative, they will sell out so quickly that Lucky's will ask for another 40 as soon as possible.  (See why I want to call and ask if they have any in the store?  I'm driving myself crazy with all the scenarios.)

So tomorrow, we will be at Lucky's from 11 am until 3 pm and we will be handing out samples of pie (that we haven't even baked yet, ahem).  If you are in the area, plan to come see us!

PS - Our sneak peek of Lucky's today did not disappoint, so even if you don't care about pie, you should come check out the store.  I sampled a Crunchy California Roll today that I can't stop thinking about.  If you don't eat sushi, will you please stop by that sample station, pick one up, and drop it off to me at the PJP sample station?