If you are curious about whether we spent the weekend clutching the keys to our new space and screaming "I can't believe it finally happened!", well then....yes.  Yes, we did. excited2


And we aren't embarrassed about it at all.  We aren't embarrassed because, um, we waited 110 DAYS.  And honestly, we have the sort of personalities that get excited when Muscato wine goes on sale, so what can you really expect from us?

On Saturday, we had spare keys made so that we each have one and our as-yet-to-be-named contractors could also have a set.  We also hung a nice little sign on the front door proclaiming "Coming Spring 2014 - Peggy Jean's Pies"  We have a bigger sign on the way, but our overzealous excitement couldn't contain us from putting something on that door while the keys burned a hole in our pockets.

On Sunday, I worked on filling out an "Application For Commercial Construction Permit" and I am here to tell you that brokering international peace treaties might be easier than completing the application.  The application asks all sorts of random questions like the pitch of the roof (the only pitch I'm aware of is the "American Idol" variety).  It also asked if we would be involved in the production of any hazardous food products.


Is that a thing?  Are people producing hazardous food products in Boone County, Missouri?  And if so, why?  And if so, then they probably need a whole special application process separate from what pie bakers might complete.  At least our answer to that question was completely clear, but it left me with lingering questions about who answers yes to that on a regular enough basis to include it on the form.

While I belabored over confusing permit questions, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason conquered a whole separate animal - UPC codes.  As part of our deal with Lucky's, it makes it MUCH easier if we can put a UPC code on each of our pies so they can scan at the Lucky's checkout.  I didn't even know the average person could make this happen until Lucky's asked me if we had our own codes.

(Note:  It is really embarrassing to answer "we can do that???!!!!")

For an initial fee of $750, you join the GS-1 ( - it sounds very official and I can only hope they have a summit each year so that we can attend because I would like to say "I'll be gone that week to the GS-1 summit" (and if you know me at all, then that desire completely didn't surprise you).

After you pay the $750, the GS-1 people (peeps?) allow you to generate your own bar codes using their system.  I'm sorry to tell you that is all I know about it because I tend to zone out of all technology related issues.  I did find myself at Staples yesterday with Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason to find the appropriate labels that the GS-1 peeps say you need to print your codes.  In the end, we ended up with a Brother Label Printer and I fell to my knees to thank the universe that I didn't have to figure all this out myself or I would have likely drawn on each box with a marker and hoped for the best.

A few hours later, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason had the printer shooting out codes of all manners.  We have an unique code for each pie and for each size - in Lucky's we will have the 9 inch pie AND the 5 inch baby pie.  Jason emailed a spreadsheet of the codes to Lucky's and I think (I guess? I hope?) that they enter those into their system and that is what makes it beep when the pies move over the scanner.  It is one of those things I've never spent two seconds thinking about and now I'm fully prepared to attend a summit in an official code-having capacity.

I wonder if they serve wine at those things?