Lucky Us!

If you were around on Facebook today, you likely noticed that we were working on all sorts of random activities, the least of which included baking a "Sorry We Are Neurotic" Pecan Pie for our real estate guy, Mel.  I'm sure fielding our incessant questions and being the go-to between us and Silent Stan is a taxing endeavor and we felt he may need a little pick-me up (especially if I get all shouty about those meters in the next day or so).  Maybe I should also just develop a "Sorry I Got All Shouty" pie and a "Sorry I Have Been Impatient" pie because I would guess I'll need to deliver those to a person or two before this journey is complete.  And Silent Stan?  I am totally accepting "Sorry I Take Freaking Forever To Get Leases Signed" bottles of wine as gifts.  Just saying. The better part of our day was spent prepping for our meeting tomorrow with Lucky's Market - a new grocery story opening in Columbia on January 15th (  Lucky's has three stores open in Colorado and Ohio and another four stores - including the Columbia location and a St. Louis location - set to open in 2014.  Lucky's focus is on local, sustainable, and traditionally crafted foods and that is why we are so excited.  What could be a better product to offer in the new Lucky's Market than a locally made, handcrafted, and preservative free pie?  We hope that Lucky's agrees with this idea of ours.  We will be taking pies over tomorrow afternoon to share with their staff who are working on getting the store ready for opening day.  And just between you and I, we are a little excited at getting the sneak preview of their new store.  While pies will be going to the team in Columbia, price lists and other documentation will be going via email to their team at their headquarters in Colorado.  We will keep you posted, but keep your fingers crossed.  It would be awesome to have another retail outlet in Columbia where people could find our product!

On a final note, we put together our first ad for a local newspaper.  All I have to say is that today I learned advertising isn't cheap.  We are going to give it a go for Sunday's paper and see what impact it has on our holiday pie orders, so be on the look out for it.  They (the people who own the paper, design the paper, put the paper together...those people) won't guarantee you which section it will be located in, so just think of it as a treasure hunt.  And when you find it, cut it out and put it on your refrigerator because for what it cost, it could totally be a piece of art.

Wish us luck tomorrow.  Pun totally intended.