I Don't Even Understand.

Silent Stan Watch 2013 continues on this week. The HVAC summation report revealed that there is no power or gas meter hooked up to the HVAC unit. Contractor Steve and an electrician need to figure out how to get that hooked up and more importantly, figure out how much that will cost. My only takeaway from this conversation was "more time" and "more cost" and "more waiting." I'm not 100% certain, but I think we are talking about this thing:


and this thing:

gas meter

That said, I'm not entirely sure because would you think a) the building would already have those in some capacity, b) if not, someone would have noticed they weren't there before now (I'm talking to you, panel van brigade), and c) don't the other units there have these meters already, so how hard could it be? Personally, I thought that the power and gas companies just gave you those meters anyway...I mean, it is so they can bill you, right? So you have to install and pay for the thing they use to bill you? Sounds about right.

In the meantime, the calls and emails are rolling in from people who want to stop by for pie or gift certificates. Then I have to have the awkward "yeah, we don't actually have a location yet" conversation. Everyone has been exceptionally kind about our leasing plight, but if this turns into "Silent Stan Watch 2014", I might cry.

In all seriousness, getting a lease signed and starting construction has been 1,425,297 times harder than we anticipated. But, we believe it will happen and it will happen soon. Our days of homeless, Elk-renting, pie baking days will be a fond memory soon. Knowing that makes conversations revolving around meters MUCH MORE tolerable. (Marginally).

This has made us think about those who live without a permanent place to call their very own and all the frustrations that come with that situation. We know our experience is only .0001% of the reality for so many people and their families on a daily basis. To complain about storing baking supplies in my dining room for the time being is actually sort of ridiculous in comparison to the reality for a lot of people without permanent homes and we understand that.

Here is our plan: 10% of the proceeds from holiday pie orders will be donated to the Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity. In case you aren't familiar, Habitat for Humanity builds homes for low-income families who could not otherwise afford to purchase their own home. We are happy to contribute to someone else's journey to find their very own space to call home. After holiday pie order pick-up is completed on December 24th, we will post the amount of the donation to our Facebook page and to Twitter!

Speaking of Twitter, did you know we tweet? Behind-the-scenes-tech-guru Jason has made us a super fancy, proud to show off Twitter profile page. I'm may be biased, but it is pretty darn slick. You can follow us at @PeggyJeansPies (https://twitter.com/PeggyJeansPies).