Thanksgiving is eight days away.  Eight.  I have to remind you because every retailer has decided to skip Thanksgiving and fast forward right to the Christmas season.  But not us, because pie loves Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving loves pie.  Pie + Thanksgiving = 4Ever. We are super excited to head into the kitchen this weekend and begin baking.  What makes a Peggy Jean's Pie a Thanksgiving-worthy pie?

1.  Our recipes are old - our dough and fillings come from closely held family recipes that were developed before you could ever even conceive of the idea of canned filling or frozen fruit or pre-made dough.  We are making IT ALL.

2. Our pies are fresh.  No trucks, no factories, no machines, no frozen, no artificial colors, no preservatives.

3. Our pies are 12 inches, which is a rare find in the pie world.  Your average grocery store pie tends to be 8 or 9 inches.  12 inches affords you 8 to 10 slices and is a substantial pie.  It is just about the same as a pie baked in a glass Pyrex dish.  For comparison sake, here are the two sizes:

pie plates

Noticeable different, right?

4.  We can pronounce all the ingredients in our pies.  I snapped this picture off a pecan pie box from a chain grocery store.


I don't know anything about mono & diglycerides or calcium sulfate or toasted desiccated coconut.  I'm sure they serve a function, just not in a Peggy Jean's pie.

5.  There is careful thought and artistry in each pie.  True story.  Pie-making is becoming a lost art.  Finding hand rolled dough is a premium.  It is just comes standard with our pies.

Have I convinced you Peggy Jean's is the place to be for Thanksgiving?  Are you ready to be Peggy Jean's + you = 4Ever?  Are you ready to change your Facebook status to "in a relationship" with Peggy Jean's?