Movin' On Up...

Hi. How are you?

Things going well?

I feel like we are old friends around here, now that we are 40 posts in to this journey.  Do you notice anything new tonight?  Welcome to our new Wordpress blog site!  In fact, welcome to the all new Peggy Jean's Pies website @

Y'all, I am not a technology person.  I just want it to work and how you make that happen, well, I leave that to the experts.  I don't even understand how Apple hasn't come up with iBlog, wherein you can dictate your content to Siri and she just makes it happen.  I do know that Blogger has limitations and the conventional wisdom agrees that Wordpress is the place to be (if you are a blog...not if you are a Kardashian or Oprah or something, you should probably just buy your own site in that case).  Of course, it took me 40 posts and over 10,000 hits to figure that out.  So sorry.  Times 10,000.

Most of you are pretty familiar with Jeanne and I by know that we won't buy ovens with prices that end in 44 cents and that we are partial to the Spanx undergarment system for public appearances.  It is probably no leap for you to figure out that we aren't building websites or thinking about Blogger v. Wordpress in our spare time.  The star of the technology show is actually my husband, Jason.  He generally eschews all sorts of public attention and would be the last to tell you that he is crazy smart about technology related things.  I'll tell you this tidbit - when Jeanne calls him, he answers his phone "Technical Support, this is Jason."

So, this is Jason's first actual blog introduction (blogduction?), but you already have seen his work.  Building the Facebook page?  Jason.  Shooting and editing Kickstarter video? Jason. Thanksgiving Order Form? Jason.  Making it possible for me to type this to you now on this platform? Jason.  But my favorite thing so far...the revamp of our website.

I feel like the website has been the caboose to all our has sort of been the wallflower to everything else going on.  For the longest time, we just had a URL and some random picture of a lady staring out the window, prompting people to text me and ask me why, Why, WHY we couldn't get rid of that lady on the site.  And now?  She's gone!  We have a real site.  It isn't finished, but oh is it on the way to being awesome.

What do you need to know now?

  1. The random lady is gone.
  2. That picture of us isn't photoshopped, but I wish it were.
  3. You can link to the Thanksgiving Order Form right from the site
  4. You can subscribe to posts and comments.
  5. You can like and share posts on Facebook.
  6. You will eventually be able to search the blog archive.
  7. So much more to come!
  8. The site is officially, so bookmark it!

We are SUPER excited about our fancy new home on the Interwebs.  Like George and Weezy, we are movin' on up.

Will we ever have a fancy new home on Buttonwood?  The wait continues.  Mel met with the landlord's "person" and he needs some more information.  Mel is gathering it tonight and going back to meetings in the morning, so HOPEFULLY we can figure out if we are going to be selling pies in a van down by the river OR in an actual store front sometime in this calendar year.

In the meantime, order your Thanksgiving pies today!  Our slots are filling up, so make your decisions and let us know.  And because Jason is awesome, you can do that directly from our fancy new penthouse URL at