This Is Crazy...

So, in a turn of events I swore would NEVER EVER EVER happen, I'm actually going to discuss something that I learned in 10th grade geometry at Hickman High School in 1990.  Everyone who knows me outside of the blogsphere likely just fell off their chairs laughing because math skills isn't in my top five skill sets.  My geometry teacher probably just rolled her eyes (I honestly have no idea where she is now and I doubt she reads this, but in the event she does - Mrs. Paulsen, the math thing still baffles me and I thank Steve Jobs for my iPhone calculator on a regular basis.  I'm sorry to disappoint you.  But in my defense, I've never encountered a situation where I needed to prove a theorem either.) Pi is 3.14.  Can we all agree on that?  I mean, we all remember the scene from "Life of Pi" where the lead character convinces everyone to call him by the nickname "Pi" by reciting the actual number (which has something like 20 numbers in it, but Wikipedia claims it totally fine to just refer to it as 3.14).  And because I really remember nothing from 10th grade geometry, my fine Google skills tell me that if you want the technical explanation of what pi is and how it matters to diameter and the whatnot, then you are clearly reading the wrong blog because I don't have those answers.

But, do you see where I'm going with this?  Pi is 3.14.  What can we do that is fun with the idea that Pie = 3.14.  And then it occurred to us...our Kickstarter campaign ends ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  So we came up with something crazy.  Like a Clark W. Griswold crazy sort of thing:

Here is the deal:

For any $314 pledge to Kickstarter, receive 3.14 pies this week. we make them and deliver them to you on Friday.  No waiting until November 20th.  No counting down the days until you can pick up your Thanksgiving order.  Now.  No waiting.

Here are some things to consider:

1) You can pledge $314 to Kickstarter yourself.  You are awesome. 2) You can get together an entire team of people who band together and come up with $314.  Group awesomeness.  As long as one person pools the $314 and pledges it to Kickstarter as a total $314, it works for us. 3) Either option is fine with us, but you must be local for delivery.  Sorry, we aren't set up for shipping yet. 4) What exactly is 3.14 pies?  Three whole pies and one baby.  Yep...cute, I know! 5) We will deliver on Friday to your home or your office. 6) We will even sign the boxes, if you wish. 7) We will give you a list of pie options after Kickstarter notifies us of your $314 pledge.  Options will be based on seasonality (just know that gooseberries are killer hard to find this time of year and it won't be on the list). 8) We can work with you on what freezes well if you are pre-planning for Thanksgiving. 9) You would have the most awesome tailgate at Faurot Field on Saturday against Tennessee if it included 3.14 Peggy Jean's Pies. 10) Your family and friends would love you forever if you had Peggy Jean's for dessert on Friday night.

This offer is valid from the time you are reading this until 11:59 pm CST Tuesday evening.  This way we have Wednesday to plan and Thursday to bake and Friday to deliver.  Your week just went from OH MY GOSH, I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE FRIDAY!!!

Find our Kickstarter campaign here: