Our Newest Addition...

Q:  What does Peggy Jean's Pies have in common with all of these companies?

A:  An awesome logo!
Remember not long ago, I told you that we were using LogoTournament (www.logotournament.com) to develop our new logo (if not, read it here:  http://peggyjeans.blogspot.com/2013/10/all-sorts-of-news.html).  As a recap, LogoTournament is an awesome website that allows you to pay differing amounts (we chose the $275 package - the cheapest) and then receive a minimum of 50 different logos from graphic artists from all around the world.  You complete a brief online interview about your business, your slogan, and your design aesthetic.  On a sliding scale, you move the button to indicate if you want a design that is "cozy" vs. "raw" or somewhere in between.  Do you want warm or cool?  Masculine or feminine?  A symbol or words?  After about 15 questions and a quick click of the "submit" button, your logo interview is complete.
It wasn't long (maybe an few hours) before my email inbox filled with different designs...in total, 74 different designs over the course of the next few days.  It is unbelievable what people come up with...from ideas we would have never considered to represent our new image to ideas we felt like represented our old image.  Once all the entries arrive, you are asked to rank them in order of preference.  While it sounds easy, it wasn't.  There were so many good entries.  In the end, our top 5 came from the United States, Romania, Australia, and England.  We looked at those for a looooooooooooonnnngg time.  It felt sort of like going to the eye doctor...do you like #1 or #2 more?  Now, do you like #3 or #4 more?  I was then struck with the idea of sharing the rankings with our publicist and also some close friends.  Guess what?  Everyone liked a different one.  Sounds about right.
Eventually, we narrowed it down to our very favorite two entries.  You are allowed some back and forth with the designers to tweak any concerns you have.  For example, we hadn't originally asked for our website address to be included in the logo but after looking at our options, knew we needed to.  Both designers in the lead were more than willing to add text, change color, work on font, etc.  And it wasn't long before we knew we had a winner.
We think our new logo is awesome.  It gives the vibe we are hoping to brand - industrial chic, eye-catching, and compelling.  So do you want to see it?  I thought so.  Without further ado, I give you the image we feel represents Peggy Jean's Pies V. 2.0:
Pretty cool, huh?  Our thanks goes to Foss from somewhere in the United States for all of his/her work on this logo and for a $275 well deserved.  Look for it on a t-shirt, pie box, car sticker, ball cap, ink pen, billboard near you soon.