Survey Says...

So I was just thinking today that we may officially be driving the bus to Crazytown.  We would like to open Peggy Jean's V. 2.0 on November 20th.  A quick glance at the calendar confirms that November 20th is a mere 31 days from today (and since it is almost 9 pm as I type this, let's just be realistic and say we essentially have 30 days).  30 days! 30 days. 30 DAYS. 30DAYS.  OhMyGosh30Days. So let's have a chat about the next 30 days and what that looks like.  Frankly, this Q&A is more to keep me on target and not huffing from a brown paper bag in the corner of the room.  Everything in our world looks like this right now:

Scenario One

Q:  Does Kickstarter fund on or before November 4th?

A:  No.

Q:  Do we have a Plan B?

A:  Nope.

Q:  Are all of Peggy Jean's hopes and dreams forever crushed?

A:  Possibly.  Where does a dream go when it dies, anyway?

Scenario Two


Q:  Does Kickstarter fund on or before November 4th?
A:  Yes!
Q:  Did you totally freak out when it hit the $10,000 mark?
A:  Totally.
Q:  Do you know what you are going to do next?
A:  Ha.
Q:  Really?
A:  Really.
Q: You don't even have a list of what to do?
A:  We do, but it scares us.  It looks like:  negotiate our lease space; make our design dreams come true; buy an obscene amount of commercial baking equipment; buy a truckload of spatulas; buy an embarrassing amount of measuring cups; buy an even more embarrassing amount of measuring spoons; argue about what qualifies as a cute apron; argue about what qualifies as good coffee; convince someone to give us a reality show; order a sign; order cute shirts; make a baking schedule; build a website; order a semi-truck full of sugar and flour; consider stacking that flour and sugar in our newly designed dream space to be a legit workout; panic extensively on November 19th.
Q:  Can the Peggy Jean's faithful customers help?
A:  Yep, in two ways.  Keep believing in us!  Secondly, let's cross one thing off the list.  What sort of pies should we have in the store on November 20th?  Picture it...industrial chic, awesome tunes, fantastic lighting, fresh coffee, and pies EVERYWHERE.  What do you buy?
Take this quick survey to help us figure out our very first baking schedule.  One person that enters will be randomly selected to win a free pie.  I can't think of where that would be prohibited, so it will never be void. Never expires.  Fully transferable.  Valid in Hawaii and Alaska if you come here to pick it up.  Or fly us there with the pie.  But to Hawaii only.  No offense, Alaska, but we like warm.  And places without a lot of bears.
Here is the link:  Vote now!!! --->
Voting is open until Monday, October 28th at 6:00 pm CST.  Winner of the free pie will be notified on October 29th.