The Delicious Dish

So, earlier today, I found myself here:

This is the lobby of Cumulus Media Group in Columbia, the home of 101.6, 101.5 KPLA, 102.3 BXR, 100.1 The Buzz, NewsTalk1400 am KFRU, Jeff 104.1, Cool 97.5, and KLIK 1240 am.  In case you just scanned over all those letters and is basically a huge piece of the radio market in Central Missouri.

And then there was this:

Yep, someone gave me a microphone and a chance to address all of greater mid-Missouri.  I was contacted earlier this week by the fabulous Melody Parry of Inside Columbia and offered the opportunity to share the Peggy Jean's story on "The Woman's Show", which she hosts and which airs each weekend...KFRU plays it at 6 am on Saturday mornings and if the crack of dawn isn't your thing or you don't live in Central Missouri, you can access it online at

I've never been on the radio before and so this is what was in my mind all morning...

As fun as The Delicious Dish on Saturday Night Live is, my experience was even better.  We had an awesome chat about the Peggy Jean's story, the history of the shop, and our plans to return to the Columbia area.  We also had a really great Kickstarter discussion (back us here!  It turns out that I exceptionally enjoy a microphone and unfettered access to talk to thousands of people, so Melody...I also enjoy discussing Mizzou football, why Columbia needs two Target stores, how happy coffee makes me, and a whole host of topics like Kickstarter and you don't have to text me twice, I'd come back to your show anytime!

Let's talk Kickstarter for a second.  I've put together a Q&A for you!

Q:  Where can I find the project and watch the video? A:  At the above link or you can go to and search for "Bring Back Peggy Jean's"

Q:  How is the funding project going? A:  AWESOME!  Our community of pie-lovers is AHHH-MAAZ-ING.  As of this very second, we are 56% funded with $5,641 dollars and we have 16 days remaining on our campaign.  That's only $4,359 to go!

Q:  What if you don't get to the $10,000? A:  We don't get a darn dollar.

Q:  What if you overfund? A:  We get all the dollars.

Q:  Why should I back you? A:  Why not?  Seriously, we tell you why in our video and our written project.  And there are rewards.  Major pie-related awards.

Q:  How do I know Kickstarter is legit? A:  I read today that it has funded over 55,000 projects to date.  We aren't the first Columbia project to go down this road.  See what I have to say here:

Q:  Why can I not stop thinking about pie? A:  Because I can't stop talking about it.

Q:  Where can I get pie NOW? A:  Wednesday, October 23rd.  Inside Columbia Culinary Adventure Center.  6:30 pm.  Make a baby pie.  Eat a bunch of pie.  Ask us random questions.  Make friends with fellow pie-lovers.  Have a crazy amount of fun.  All proceeds go to Kickstarter because Inside Columbia believes in us that much!

Q:  Where do I sign up? A:  Here!

Q:  Should I think it over for a few days? A:  Nope.