Come Bake With Us!

We are super excited to announce that next Wednesday evening, we will be leading a pie baking class at the Inside Columbia Culinary Adventure Center.  Here is the official write-up directly from the source!

Pie Baking Fundraising Class

$34.95 per person • Peggy Jean’s Pies Rebecca Miller and Jeanne Plumley
Experience the comfort of homemade pies by Peggy Jean’s Pies Rebecca Miller and Jeanne Plumley. Participants will learn the secrets to making pecan, apple and cherry pies and how to make a pie crust that could win a blue ribbon at any county fair. Plus, participants will be able to sample the pies that made Peggy Jean’s world famous: chocolate bourbon pecan, peach praline, French silk, coconut cream and pumpkin.And for every ticket sold, Inside Columbia magazine will contribute $25 to Peggy Jean Pie’s Kickstarter campaign to help them open their shop before Thanksgiving. 
We simply can't wait for next Wednesday.  Here are all the reasons you should plan on joining us:
1.  You like pie.
2.  You like us.
3.  You like Inside Columbia
4.  You like pie, us, and Inside Columbia equally.
5.  Your wife has requested a date night and this is better than ballroom dancing.
6.  You are single and perhaps your special pie-loving mate will be in the audience.
7.  There is nothing good on television on Wednesdays, anyway.
8.  It is an awesome way to jump start your Homecoming weekend festivities.
9.  You've always wondered what the Inside Columbia headquarters look like.
10. You know this is where all the cool people will be on Wednesday night.
Here is the link to sign up:  Don't delay!  Space is limited and registration is required.  If you try to sign up on Wednesday morning and the class is full, you'll be full of longing and regret and we won't be able to help you because we will be busy pre-measuring ingredients, getting our hair done, and Googling "how to look skinnier when teaching a baking class in front of a crowd".
We can't wait to see you there!