Yet To Come

It’s no lie that today at PJP Buttonwood was A STRUGGLE. Goodness, by early afternoon I was questioning most of my life decisions. And it wasn’t really any one thing in particular, but just the cumulative impact of late July malaise, never ending fixed costs, staffing, and a steady stream of annoyances. This, I realize, is completely normal for all entrepreneurs (or, at least the ones with some self-realization), so I remember what Jeanne says most and that is “NOTHING EVER STAYS THE SAME”. Thankfully, she’s always right.

While there isn’t much we can do about mid-to-late summer malaise or fixed costs (unless you give us a million dollars or a new HVAC so our air conditioning bill isn’t $919), you can help with staffing. We are looking for at least two morning people and two afternoon people to join us on our new venture to PJP Nifong. We are really just searching for kind hearted people who believe in the legitimacy of World Pie Domination. Customer service and high standards for our product are our only criteria, so that should be pretty easy…right? If you or someone you think highly of might have any interest, please email

And speaking of PJP Nifong, we met with our friend Melissa at Johnston Paint and Decorating earlier this afternoon and it was the highlight of our day. She’s been working for the last few weeks on a selection of colors and textures for the new space. We would have been amped if she picked basic white to start because I can’t even look at the green walls in that space for much longer (and even the electrician today asked me how much longer those colors stayed).

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect this afternoon. I’m a pretty quick decision maker, but Jeanne definitely takes significantly longer to process through what she likes and doesn’t like. Except today. Melissa showed us five colors and some tile and we both said, “YES, PLEASE”. We were done in 15 minutes. And that is around 30 hours faster than when we decorated PJP Buttonwood when we stood in front of the paint chips at Lowe’s because we were naive. Here’s my pro tip of construction for the day: let the experts help you and you’ll save your sanity and 29 hours and 45 minutes while you argue the difference between grey mist and moon mist on the color wheel.

We will also have experts paint the place because our ability to do massive drywall repair where letters were glued on to say “ORANGE LEAF” doesn’t instill confidence in me. That said, you know I’ll be the first one there with a fresh roller to take a first swipe at that green. Without ruining the visual wow of the final build out, here is a sneak peak of our new interior color palate…