Quiche Unleashed

Yesterday, we formally announced our plans to open on Mondays at PJP Nifong. And if you’ve been around here for a hot second, you already know this topic of extending our hours to include Mondays has been under consideration at PJP Buttonwood for at least the last few years. In the end, we have always opted to not include the additional day in preference of our sanity and a guarantee of two days away from the storefront.

So what finally convinced us? Well, there’s the easy 2,500 reasons that comes with a monthly increase in rent of $2,500. An extra day of sales each day will be important to making this puzzle work. And regardless of all that reality, it is pretty much time to face the challenge of the extra day. Our increased visibility, the hours of our neighboring businesses, and the already growing demand from customers for Monday pick up dates made the decision all the easier. And as for our sanity, well, we promise to that we won’t all work six days a week. (Though I do promise to worry about it seven days a week.) . So here are the official hours for PJP Nifong: Monday - Friday, 10-6 and Saturday, 10-5. We’ve ordered the sign for the door, so let’s mark that off the list.

Here are just a few other things to note:

  1. Reports are pouring in that our PBS episode is airing regularly. Gulp.

  2. Construction on our new storefront is moving forward, though the visual isn’t changing much. Here’s what I can tell you: all the electrical is expensive and I’ve yet to have a moment of “WOW, I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MUCH HAS CHANGED IN HERE.”

  3. We brainstormed some ways to help August - likely our last full month at PJP Buttonwood - super fun and full of activity. My favorite? Jeanne lobbied hard for an event she calls Quiche Unleashed. . we will basically be selling our famous quiche for $6 babies and $16 nine-inch. I’m here for it because QUICHE UNLEASHED as a name makes my heart happy.

  4. Oh, and for the garage sale on the 11th - a lot of people have asked me if we have a list of what will be available. That is super sweet to think we would ever be that organized. I’ll tell you this - most will be decor and baking items. All of our equipment and fixtures are coming with us to the new store. But we are big believers in throwing away junk, so we everything that makes the cut will at least be interesting, useful, cute, or helpful to a new prospective owners.

  5. And finally, our first purchase from AtlantaMart ships this week. It’s 100% not interesting - it is ribbon - but it is a solid start to not running to Joann’s in a panic to buy a spool of ribbon and wait in line for 30 minutes because they always have one cashier and everyone has eight coupons. So, actually I guess this purchase is super interesting.

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