Would That Work?

This morning, we stopped by PJP Nifong for a meeting about paint colors, tiling options, and more decor options with our friends at Johnston Paint & Decorating. And because the electrician was also in the store starting on his extensive list of work to be done, we stayed and spent an extra hour discussing each outlet on the plan to make sure it works for what we will need in the space. Considering we have enough knowledge about electrical systems to be annoying, it was surprisingly productive. Shout out to the kind electrician that didn’t flinch when we said things like “oh, could that cord thingie just be shoved through that thing and to the ceiling and then it would all work?”

giphy (21).gif

Otherwise, I was super happy to be back at PJP Buttonwood for the rest of the day because I like routine and my travels to Atlanta left me feeling out of control from the daily operations of the storefront. Here is a catch up of what you need to know not related to electrical ampage:

  1. We are getting ready to roll into a period of being short staffed, which is heartbreaking. Several Team PJP members are summer only, as they go to college in different cities. And we’ve kept staffing pretty minimal, simply because summer is our slower time. In early August, we will go through a period of losing staff and I’m 100% not looking forward to it.

  2. That said, we need to add to Team PJP soon for an afternoon position. We are looking for someone with availability from 2-6 during the week and 12-5 on Saturdays (not all days required). This person will be responsible for customer service and afternoon prep work for our next baking day. Must haves: friendly and welcoming personality, commitment to #WPD, ability to multi-task, and desire to make PJP the best experience. We are a hard pass on grouchy people and people not comfortable greeting and assisting customers. Other than that, we are a cool bunch of people. If you or someone you know is interested, please email hello@pjpies.com for more information.

  3. Heck, that said, we need a morning baker as well to start in mid-August. Send all those queries to the same email.

  4. On Saturday, we will hit the road again for our pop-up shop at Williams-Sonoma in Town Center Plaza in Leawood. We are excited, but have no idea what to expect for the afternoon. If you are in the KC metro area, we would love to see you! We will be there from 12-4. And likely at the Nordstrom Rack nearby from 4:15 to 5:15. And then the Ikea from 5:15 to 7:15. Ahem.

  5. And if you are curious about whether we ordered anything on Amazon Prime Day, we did! We ordered the desks for our offices because they were 25% off. And then I saw my beloved Teddi’s Organic Rose Hip Oil was also 25% off and YES, PLEASE. I’m sure whoever packs that order to ship is super annoyed by two pieces of furniture and a four once glass bottle of facial oil…